Hand and finger injuries are among the most common causes for emergency room visits, but taking time to prepare a safe work area, using proper tools and alerting someone nearby about your home repair project can reduce your risk for serious accidents this summer, according to reconstructive and plastic surgeon Dr.
Lessons Learned to Avoid Home Repair AccidentsLooking back, Guiliano recognizes that his many years as a bricklayer led to complacency about home repair work. Alert a family member or neighbor that you are undertaking a home repair project and ask if they'll come by to check up on you periodically.
Tip: A landlord isn't always responsible for vermin if it is as a result of rubbish not being dealt withVermin emergenciesIt is upsetting for tenants to find ANY form of pest or vermin in their home. Nebil Bill Aydin, a board certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon with the New York Group for Plastic Surgery and an attending surgeon at Westchester Medical Center, has operated on many home repair-related upper limb injuries, including the wrist laceration experienced by 55 year-old David Guiliano of Valhalla, NY, that nearly cost him his left hand.

If you're not working at your own home, be sure you know the specific address so emergency dispatch can find you, and be aware of nearby major medical centers. The most important thing homeowners should learn about burst pipes is to flip the water shutoff valve immediately. Block the breeze: Make sure all of your home’s windows and doors seal properly to stop warm air escaping. Sometimes landlords try to brush it off by saying that the vermin were introduced by a previous tenant. Here are the five most common emergencies plumbers deal with and a few tips to help you avoid them.

Of course sometimes leaks also occur just because the fixture is old and needs to be replaced.
Also consider adding insulation around pipes that are located along the outside walls of your home.

First aid kit contents list and their uses
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