The Racing Robot Learn to Solder Kit features a three wheel motorized chassis and a colorful robot face that flashes on and off as the robot races out of control. Stand up Electric Slider Learn to Solder Robot, not only allows students to learn good soldering techniques, but also provides them with a bright colorful sliding, scooting robot. Chaney CBT courses introduce the basic concepts behind theories and applications of electronics, by using detailed diagrams, step by step electrical operational procedures, animations, and user feedback through quizzes and tests.
Among the most common questions and concerns we hear from new kit builders are about how to solder. Soldering is accomplished by quickly heating the metal parts to be joined, and then applying solder to the mating surfaces. Now we keep emphasizing that the soldering iron needs to heat the joint quickly because if it happens too slowly the heat will have time to travel to the component body (resistor, capacitor, transistor, etc) and overheat it to the point of damage. In order to raise the temperature of solder above it’s melting point, soldering tip temperatures are usually set between 750F and 850F.
The 25 watt model has a resting temperature of about 670 degrees, and after soldering more than 10 PC board pads the temperature is still above 620 degrees.
The 40 watt model has a resting temperature of about 740 degrees and maintains a tip temperature of above 700 degrees through repeated PC pad solders. The main points to take away from this data are that inexpensive irons below 35 watts or so are generally not suited to electronic kit work due to the time needed to heat some joints and the potential damage to components.
Whenever possible, you are better off purchasing and using a high-quality soldering iron, which unfortunately cost more than the Type 1 units at $10.

Note that this iron has a slim, pointed tip, which is ideal for electronics use so that heat can be pin-pointed where needed on a cramped circuit board or chassis. The Type 3 iron in the photo is commonly referred to as a soldering gun, due to its pistol grip. The Type 4 shown in the photo is a consumer-level soldering workstation which includes a solder stand to safely hold a hot iron.
Finally the Type 5 shown in the photo is a commercial soldering workstation with true temperature control.
As we finish up Part One here our suggestion is that you buy the best soldering iron that your wallet allows. This seems like a pretty fair price and a good selection of tools for someone who is looking to get started in electronics. Comparing it to my own electronics tools, that’s pretty much everything a beginner would think to use.
This tool kit doesn’t have any electronic bits like a breadboard, wire or power supply kit but the tool list is better especially the solder station, but you do pay for it with the higher price.
Chaney Electronics is the leading designer and manufacturer of the highest quality and lowest priced best electronic kits.
The "Speedster 500" robot operates from two tiny electronic brains that consist of flashing rainbow LEDs. I replaced my generic soldering iron with a Xytronic station last year, and I could not believe the difference it made.

Thousands of teachers use our electronic lab kits to teach their students about electronics. The finished solder joint metallurgically bonds the parts forming an excellent electrical connection between wires.
PCB holder and general-purpose 360° mini-vise, a basic digital multimeter, wire strippers, diagonal cutters, needle-nose pliers, three 25′ spools of solid-core wire in black, red, and yellow, and a half-size solderless breadboard.
Solder wick might be easier for a beginner than a solder pump, but otherwise it’s a pretty decent starting point. Once you have mastered soldering you then install the one IC circuitry, Face circuit, motor and mechanical assembly. The user can then complete the solder connection without applying too much pressure on the joint.
This practice also allows a proper formation of an intermetallic layer of the parts and solder.

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