Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Plan for small businesses need effectual strategies to deal with and to recover from disrupting occurrences. It is apparent that disasters such as earthquake, floods, hurricanes and several other disasters inflict thousands of businesses to suffer heavy losses and many of them even get locked. As an owner of a small business, it becomes unavoidable to protect critical units of your organization, including your IT server room, power utilities, and highly expensive and heavy equipments including employees and customers from injury within your business premises in an event of disaster. Our BCP & DRP packages comprise of templates, forms, checklist, guide, policies, standards and samples.
Corrective measures are taken to restore service as quickly as possible following a disaster. Disaster Recovery-as-a-service (DRaaS) solutions are gaining customer adoption, predominantly from small and midsize organizations. Copyright © 2012 Best Template Collection, All trademarks are the property of the respective trademark owners. All Business Continuity Disaster Recovery Planning efforts need to encompass how employees will communicate, where they will go and how they will keep doing their jobs.
Included with the template are Electronic Forms which have been designed to lower the cost of maintenance of the plan. Click on the link below to get the Disaster Planning and Business Continuity Planning Template full table of contents and selected sample pages now and make it part of your Disaster Recovery Planning toolkit.

For some businesses, issues such as supply chain logistics are most crucial and are the focus on the plan. Even if you have never built a Disaster Recovery plan before, you can achieve great results. More like a multi-page booklet on how to and what to include in a Business Continuity Plan; these free templates are a life saver for Business Managers and developers. Knowing the types of disasters that effect telecommunications within your company and taking appropriate action ahead of time – will minimize your exposure. The Disaster Recovery Guide is intended to be a launch pad for those seeking help with the business continuity planning process. But the critical point is that neither element can be ignored, and physical, IT and human resources plans cannot be developed in isolation from each other. What's more, the myriad interconnected data, application and other resources that must be recovered after a disaster make recovery an exceptionally difficult and error-prone effort. The second is to clearly and expressly document all these procedures so that in the event of a SOX audit, the auditors clearly see that the Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Plan exists and appropriately protects the data and assets of the enterprise..
For others, information technology may play a more pivotal role, and the Business Continuity Disaster Recovery Plan may have more of a focus on systems recovery.
With smart objects, tables, chart integration from Excel, these Word Docs are colorful, neat, well equipped as well as easily manageable for people with minimal expertise.

The cost of a DR Plan should be balanced against the tolerance for system downtime – the less downtime that can be tolerated, the more it will cost to create an appropriate response.
Creating a disaster recovery plan is considerably simplified by use of this template and guide. Preparation for Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity in light of SOX has two primary parts.
Make sure your company has a telecommunications data and voice disaster recovery plan in place, tested and ready to implement should any disaster occur.
Using detailed questionnaires and checklists, this MS-Word toolkit will help you review both your contingency practices and recovery arrangements. Disaster Recovery Business Continuity Template (WORD) - comes with the latest electronic forms and is fully compliant with all mandated US, EU, and ISO requirements.
In most organizations, Disaster Recovery Planning is the quintessential complex, unfamiliar task.

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