In order to have a quality first aid kit you need to be able to address more than just scratches and scrapes.
Download the spreadsheet First Aid Inventory to keep track of what you already have and what supplies you need to begin purchasing.
The red cross has a fabulous first aid app and lots of videos available to tone your first aid muscles.
Obviously training and practice are important, but having a first aid manual in your kit makes sure that knowledge is available,  even when your brain has checked out. Check out our National Preparedness Month Challenge from years past for more on first aid kits and other medical supplies.

Though major medical implements should be left to the professionals, basic first aid supplies will come in very handy for any college student. Work with your roommate or other people on your floor to build a communal First Aid Kit for whatever affliction may arise! Whilst some of these items are covered in other areas of this website, we have included it here with the first aid kit to ensure both lists are considered at the same time. Lightweight, basic first aid supplies list low-cost, and wife, your kids what this can do to a child's brain. Two essential specifics to first aid kit checklist nz think about, and Kevin Reeve has ideas fire, or electronic add things that.

Although it may be a FIRST aid kit, you should be sure that you have enough supplies to keep a wound clean and healing properly. In addition to an emergency first aid kit you will need some equipment and medical items to help deal with health and hygiene issues during your expedition.

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