A sign calling for citizens of Boston to "Shelter in Place" hung across I-93 Friday in Boston. The Two-Way is the place to come for breaking news, analysis and for stories that are just too interesting – or too entertaining – to pass up. A message calling for Boston citizens to "Shelter in Place" flashes above I-93 on April 19. The first order was given before a huge snowstorm that hit the Boston area earlier this year. She's a nurse at Boston's Floating Hospital for Children and was a volunteer at the Boston Marathon's medical tent on Monday. A vast metropolitan area has been shut down as police chase a suspect in the Marathon bombingsBoston has imposed a broad and unprecedented lockdown on the city and its surrounding suburbs, as law enforcement officers search for the second Boston Marathon bombing suspect.

You'll find them in The Self-Reliance Catalog; a carefully curated collection of the best plants, tools, shelters and systems for self-reliance and resilience. Back Inside: Following reports of sudden, heavy police presence in Watertown, Boston police have asked residents to once again stay indoors. Deval Patrick asked all residents of Boston and several surrounding towns to remain at home as investigators searched for a suspect in the marathon bombings. The term Shelter-in-Place is used incorrectly in so many places, that is the reason it will fall to disuse. Deval Patrick (D) has urged all residents in the Boston area to stay inside for their own safety (the suspect is considered well-armed and dangerous), as well as to avoid getting in the way of police. You wonder if these guys for the last three days have been dropping explosives in various places." Most area businesses were closed.

City employees in Boston were told to stay home or remain where they were — though Homeland Security officials later said people who were already at work were free to go home.
Amtrak closed its line between Boston and Providence, while taxi service was suspended in the city for several hours.

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