We'd like to hear what you have planned for Library Card Sign-up Month or answer your questions. THE ROOSTERIn this month, good outcome can be expected since your meaning is clear and your will to do is strong. If you married, you also have to be careful not to be estranged from each other in this month. A wealth of activities for the entire family awaits, so see what’s happening at your library during Library Card Sign-up Month this September.

If you're planning to use any of the free resources provided below, please take a moment to tell us about your plans for Library Card Sign-up Month. THE RATThis month is not a great time for love; thus, if you are single, you should not expect too much. Some great ideas were generated during our July 21st webinar, "How to Leverage Snoopy to Run a Library Card Sign-Up Campaign for Your Library," with Nancy Dowd and Pam Jaskot.  Nancy Dowd is Chair of the ALA Public Awareness Committee and Product Manager, LibraryAware at NoveList EBSCO Publishing. If you are a couple, you will have more frequent arguments with your partner during this month.

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