If Seniors Are Alone - They Need An Emergency Call Button To Get Assistance, Call 911 or Family ! Simple To Use – With one simple button to press it is much easier to use than dialing a phone under stressful conditions. After visiting numerous websites, checking different emergency alarm units we decided the unit you offer was the best choice.
Press the battery test button on the back of the pendant for a second to hear an audible announcement - “battery is OK”, “battery is low”, or “replace battery now”.
The pendant allows you to summon help even if you are in the bath or shower where seniors are most prone to accidents. Medical alarms and panic buttons are electronic devices that enable seniors to send out a signal that they need help in some way.

LifeStation — Like MediPendant, users wear a panic button necklace (or can opt for a belt clip-on) that when activated, alerts a central console of a problem. Rescue Alert — This system also takes advantage of a central console with a panic button that stays with the user.
Bottom line: Top emergency alert devices all offer essentially the same core features, but with a few particulars that make it worth comparing providers before making your final choice.
System has standby emergency battery power 4 NiMh rechargeable batteries continually charge in the base station so as to be able to provide up to 24 hours of standby power in the event of a power failure.
When your phone rings just press the button on the pendant and answer the phone, just like using a cordless phone. What makes this unique is that once the alert button is activated, the user can speak directly into the panic button to communicate with emergency personnel.

NO MONTHLY FEE - Panic Button - When Someone Falls They Now Have A Panic Button They Can Actually Talk Through When Contacting Help. Once the button is pushed, it signals a console, which then automatically calls a monitoring center, or sends a wireless signal that prompts help to check on the wearer. According to a recent article in the Kansas City Star, nearly 200,000 seniors currently reside in the Kansas City metro area. All of the responding personnel are trained emergency medical technicians (EMTs), and are capable of a more professional assessment of the issue than a mere operator.

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