Just few months ago we saw YouTube bringing free movies and TV shows in partnership with Hollywood & Bollywood studios.
Even though there are many blog and sites that offers trailers, YouTube Trailers organizes the videos in a neat way. As of now only Hollywood movies trailers are showcased in YouTube and hopefully we can expect to see Bollywood movie trailers too. Now YouTube has launched Trailers, an exclusive sections for showcasing the Hollywood movie trailers in HD quality.
Good marketing is vital for a movie to get its name out there, and good marketing means having a good trailer.

A lot of this summer’s movies have been a bust, but their trailers sure do a good job at bringing us in to see them. Though its movie itself apparently has been popularly deemed a different fate, The Purge’s trailer is one of the most interesting of the year by promising an interesting, complex plot in the political and potentially sci-fi realms (that it does not later deliver, but hey, selling tickets is what matters). The first half of the trailer suggested a brilliant kind of dystopia that has brought The Hunger Games success. Such a theme seems to strongly appeal to the youthful demographics who have prompted an apocalypse-filled summer line-up of movies. At the least, after seeing the theatrical trailer, you could spend the entire movie that follows trying to get those masks out of your head.

The Purge’s trailer contains elements consistent with some of the other greatest and most popular trailers of 2013, as should be expected.

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