The Security Threat Group Management Unit (STGMU), located at Northern State Prison in Newark, was devised to isolate problematic gang affiliated inmates or those identified as gan leaders from the general prison population. This process begins at the prison intake, with each inmate interviewed and photographed, as tattoos and possession of gang-related paraphernalia often speak volumes about gang affiliation, even if the inmate does not. Currently, seven gangs have been classified as Security Threat Groups by the NJDOC: the Almighty Latin King and Queen Nation, Bloods, Crips, East Coast Aryan Brotherhood, Five Percent Nation, Neta and Prison Brotherhood of Bikers. Such concentrated efforts, from three law enforcement entities, produce an added safeguard to our citizens, and discourage gang violence and the subsequent victimization.
With a centralized database that is updated daily, in-depth academy training, monthly intelligence meetings and institutional training, the New Jersey Department of Corrections, under the leadership of Commissioner Devon Brown, has addressed the problem of gangs in prisons aggressively, proactively, and with a sense of urgency that reflects a commitment to public safety, both in and out of the prison setting.
That’s an open invitation to everyone reading this – including all prisoners disenfranchised by the state – giving us an opportunity to advance the struggle. The STG Pilot Program rewrites the gang validation process that keeps thousands of California prisoners in solitary confinement indefinitely.

That excerpt of my individual situation is only one example of how California’s most dangerous Security Threat Group gets down and dirty. Expanding the definition of “disruptive groups” by adopting “several new terms” is really the bastard child produced by CDCR unions.
What makes the CDCR STG the most dangerous is the fact they all know what’s really going on and know that they’re torturing prisoners. SQ death row SHU prisoners shouldn’t have to be the disposable human guinea pigs getting tortured to death in the CDCR STG Pilot Program. Recognized nationally as a gang authority, Holvey is the Vice President of the East Coast Gang Investigators Association, and has served as an expert witness in both state and federal courts, helping to turn back legal challenges to the Security Threat Group Management Unit. 4, 2014, a five-page Notice of Proposed Regulations was disseminated among prisoners warehoused in the death row Security Housing Unit known by its politically corrupt misnomer Adjustment Center (AC).
But, according to the prisoners, it vastly expands the number who are eligible for solitary torture by declaring that any group of two people or more can constitute a security threat group.

Mine is not an isolated incident either, plus it’s only one of many weapons of mass corruption the Security Threat Group Pilot Program has utilized to minimize, obscure and censor the fact they really are torturing prisoners in a way that’s no different than what Phillip Garrido did to Jaycee Dugard – minus the sex crime factor.
The AC is a sort of ground zero for testing policies, a variety of no-touch torture methods and a twist on the death penalty experiment only depraved criminal minds could have concocted. The notice states in part that any person may submit public comments regarding proposed changes to “the California Code of Regulations (CCR), Title 15, concerning Security Threat Groups (formerly referred to as prison gangs),” known as the STG Pilot Program.
They say it still requires snitching – informing on other prisoners, whether true or not – and cognitive restructuring or brainwashing to be released from solitary confinement.
Baxter • brainwashing • branch chief Timothy Lockwood • Cal-incarceration Correctional Peace Officers Association (CCPOA) • California Code of Regulations • California prisoners in solitary confinement indefinitely • CDCR STG • CDCR-22 • cognitive restructuring • Comment on STG Pilot Program • death penalty experiment • death row Security Housing Unit • East End Complex Auditorium • false disciplinary history • former Lt.

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