The parent and the child’s physician complete and sign copies of the template for submission to school, day care, scout troop, youth sports leagues, etc. Our MissionWe strive to eliminate anaphylaxis by providing straightforward, actionable information to improve the lives of the 5.9 million children in the US suffering with food allergies. One of the first lines of defense for catastrophic injuries is having a comprehensive, detailed plan for most catastrophic scenarios.
An EAP is necessary for any school or university and all of the venues within these institutions where athletes exercise.
While being comprehensive, an EAP also needs to be flexible enough to be applicable to any emergency situation. Emergency Personnel – Describe the emergency team involved when the EAP is activated and the roles of each person.
Emergency Communication – What communication devices are available, where, what number to call in an emergency, specific information and directions to the venue to provide to EMS response team. Emergency Equipment – Location of equipment should be quickly accessible and clearly listed. Medical Emergency Transportation – Describe options and estimated response times for emergency transportation.

Other considerations include emergency documentation, where documentation for events that activate the EAP are provided, as well as documentation of EAP rehearsals and personnel training. While activation of the EAP may be rare, it is vital to ensure that proper care and response is taken when a catastrophic injury occurs. Sample EAP.  Please note this is only a generic version and each school needs to create their own plan with the guidance of the sports medicine staff.
The template is used by parents to provide a plan of action and authorize others to administer medications should their child suffer an allergic reaction.
Parents should make sure the plan is well understood by each care giver and should learn and approve the location where the child’s medications will be stored. The EAP provides information to ensure response to an emergency is rapid, appropriate, controlled and precise.
It is important that this document is updated and reviewed on a yearly basis with all athletic personnel.  This will provide the best possible care for athletes in the event of an emergency. National Athletic Trainers’ Association position statement: emergency planning in athletics. Inter-Association Consensus Statement on Best Practices for Sports Medicine Management for Secondary Schools and Colleges.

Inter-Association Task Force recommendations on emergency preparedness and management of sudden cardiac arrest in high school and college athletic programs: a consensus statement. Response to cardiac arrest and selected life-threatening medical emergencies: the medical emergency response plan for schools. The National Athletic Trainers Association has published a position statement titled “Emergency Planning in Athletics” that provides guidelines for the development and implementation of an EAP and is available online. All personnel involved with the organization of athletic activities share a professional and legal responsibility to ensure that guidelines are in place to manage any emergency that could arise. A statement for healthcare providers, policymakers, school administrators, and community leaders.

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