Once again the time has arrived for our reflection on this year’s accomplishments and for projecting our hopes for the coming New Year. While in the US they met primarily with US federal agencies responsible for earthquake risk management in the United States.
Mark Benthien, director of communication, education, and outreach for the Southern California Earthquake Center. Risk RED Annual Report 2010 (As of 2010, Risk RED prepares an annual report for each calendar year). We look back on a year that included the tragic loss of more than 19,000 children who died when their schools collapsed last May in Sichuan Province, China. When the drums stopped beating a full minute later, the students filed out onto the school grounds, protecting their heads with their hands, where the teachers checked to be sure all had evacuated safely. GHI will extend its earthquake safety effort to more atrisk Tibetan schools in the coming year.
As a response to the Sichuan Province earthquake in May 2008, the legislators have been charged with rewriting Chinese laws that regulate earthquake risk management.
In the weeks that followed, the challenge emerged for us to focus on how we might best offer help to reduce future risk there as rebuilding occurs. If you are aware of a foundation with giving guidelines that would be a good match for GHI, we would be grateful to receive this information: your help could strengthen our fundraising effort significantly. Contribute to school and student safety through the Risk RED's school safety activities and the Coalition for Global School Safety & Disaster Prevention Education.

Join international networks (via PreventionWeb) including the Disaster Risk Reduction Education Network and the Children and Youth in Disasters Network. Get involved in disaster risk reduction education!Using hands-on models to teach about school safety by IMMOD in Bodrum, Turkey. UNICEF Podcast, 9 May 2011, Risk RED Co-director (at the time) Marla Petal and Risk RED Advisory Board Member Ben Wisner discuss "The role of education in protecting children when disaster strikes": Read and listen.
Travel Channel, 13 April 2011, Risk RED Co-director (at the time) Marla Petal advises on travel "Tips for Earthquake and Tsunami Preparedness": Read the article. DotEarth New York Times blog, 2 March 2010, Risk RED is highlighted in Andy Revkin's New York Times blog on being ready for disaster: Read the blog. Development of Disaster Risk Reduction Public Educational Materials (67 kb in PDF), with thanks to Balaka Dey, Ilan Kelman, Bishnu Pandey, Zeynep Turkmen, and Ben Wisner. We are grateful for the support given to GHI in 2008 by individuals, foundations, corporations, government agencies and other nonprofit organizations from around the world. Given the current economic climate, our request for your support comes even as we, like other philanthropic organizations, face exceptional challenges. Founded after the 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami, KOGAMI educates citizens of West Sumatra and other earthquake-and-tsunami-endangered areas about disaster preparedness.
We are grateful to those who contributed in 2008 and we hope that all of you will be able to join or renew your association with GHI for the coming year by returning the enclosed membership form with your tax- deductible gift.
We will support the Tibetan community-in-exile in Dharamsala in its effort to seismically strengthen the Library of Tibetan Works and Archives while also continuing our work there for school disaster planning, including school earthquake drills.

The year 2009 promises new and energizing opportunities for GHI to build, as stated in our Vision, a world of self- reliant communities that can continue their economic, political and cultural development unimpeded by natural disasters. Since the project began in 2005, this school has developed comprehensive awareness and evacuation plans, conducted preparedness drills, and undergone structural retrofitting. GHI is planning cooperative efforts with KOGAMI to improve tsunami awareness and preparation in Sumatra. Inspired by this initial effort, the Bechtel-GHI team plans to work in additional schools in the Gurgaon area. When the drums began to roll on September 27 at the Gogalpur School in Dharamsala, students took protective cover beneath their desks.
We look forward to partnership building with corporate and philanthropic leaders in Hong Kong at the Clinton Global Initiative Asia in early December, followed by meeting with representatives from ECO (the Economic Cooperation Organization) in Tehran to explore a multi-nation project for improved school seismic safety in 10 Islamic member countries of ECO.
One year ago Bechtel Corporation and GHI launched an innovative partnership that has resulted in improved school earthquake safety at the Gyan Devi School in Gurgaon (near Delhi), India.

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