Damage, enabling hive-mind induced charges that you require to flee your property, they are. Many of us have grown all too familiar with the tragedy that came by way of a shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary school in Newtown, Connecticut, where 27 people, including the gunman and 20 children were killed. Roth mentioned that Hesston College is often in contact with other colleges to see what safety procedures they are taking. Don’t be afraid to look through one so you can know how to best act in the case of an emergency.

The purpose of the flip chart, he said, is to provide specific instruction to the teacher in the event of a specific emergency, should communication break down.Newton Community School District Business Manager Gayle Isaac said that while some schools may need some minor customization of their individual emergency plans, each district would use the same basic framework. This would make first responders better aware of what they were dealing with in the event of an emergency.Newton Police Chief Jeff Hoebelheinrich said his department would have a copy of the flip chart in each squad car. He said it only makes sense to have the same level of sharing established by policy for emergencies, as well.Ehresman said the policies and procedures the work group is considering are based on the Iowa School Safety Guide.
Among the recommendations is ALICE training for all staff, which he hopes to get implemented in August before school begins for the new school year.The Prairie City-Monroe school district was not represented at the meeting.

He said the group hopes to be finished with a comprehensive plan by the end of next school year.

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Community emergency response team equipment


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