Joffe Emergency Services is the leading provider of school emergency planning - including response training and disaster preparedness - for schools throughout the country.
Disaster Response PlanningCertified disaster planning saves staff time, reduces liability costs, and most importantly, protects lives. Full-Scale Post-Disaster Response DrillsIn response to an overwhelming need for increased scrutiny surrounding emergency response training on campus, Joffe has developed a one-of-a-kind Moulage Drill catered to the unique needs of public and private schools.
School Safety FundraisersEmergency planning is a necessity, not a luxury – an earthquake, fire, flood, or lockout will occur, and it is your responsibility to protect the lives entrusted to you by stocking up on emergency food, water, and first aid for 72 hour survival. Copyright  Joffe Emergency Services Built with VolusionJoffe Emergency Services offers Response Training, CPR Classes, First Aid Training, and BLS Training in our Santa Monica, CA training facility and through online courses. Is based on the Incident Command System, the same emergency management system used by public safety agencies nationwide.

Comes as a complete package that includes software, background literature, lesson plans, simulations and training materials. Superintendents, school boards, administrators, and teachers trust Joffe's certified experts to save lives and prevent emergencies through expert service that builds trust, demonstrates respect, and empowers schools to apply life-saving techniques to any individual in need, under any circumstance. Trusted by top-tier independent schools, Joffe’s Moulage Drill is an interactive event designed to establish a hands-on understanding of emergency response for students and teachers alike. Yet for many schools and school administrators, emergency supplies are treated as a luxury due to harsh fiscal realities.
The plan's all-hazards approach gets you moving in the right direction no matter what type of incident is occurring. Action Guides are a one-page consolidation of the plan which leads district personnel through their roles in a crisis.

In order to ensure full disaster protection, our licensed experts will work directly with your school or district’s key stakeholders to create, update, or certify your disaster response plan, including: notification systems, communications plans, evacuation procedures, chain of command, post-incident response, parental response, materials supply and materials maintenance. Joffe’s Moulage Drill brings your school’s current response plan to life through a carefully constructed, real-time reenactment of disaster response staffed with nationally recognized paramedics and supervised by trained disaster response specialists at a price you can afford.
That’s why we’ve designed a comprehensive safety fundraiser in order to lift the financial burden on your school. Joffe will not only work with your staff to find the best AED for your campus, we’ll deliver a comprehensive placement, training, and tracking package at no additional charge.

Evacuation bag contents
Power outage emergency kit checklist
Hurricane emergency plan of action
Emergency action plan for an earthquake


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