Many rain-related breakdowns are easily avoidable as they are often caused by people driving through deep standing water. A catastrophic flood-related engine damage incident is typically caused by water being sucked into the engine which causes the engine to lock up and can in turn damage important engine components including piston connecting rods and valves. If your engine cuts out after driving through deep water, do not attempt to restart as engine damage may occur – instead call for assistance and have the vehicle professionally examined. As with all driving emergencies prevention is better than cure; in the case of flooding this means watching the weather forecasts before you set out on a journey, if flooding is widespread you might be better off cancelling trips that are not absolutely necessary.
If you are in a flood affected area consider moving your car to a place of safety when you first hear the warnings, but also be aware that if flooding has started moving your vehicle could pose a serious risk - never underestimate the dangers of flood water. If negotiating a flooded section of road, drive in the middle where the water will be at its shallowest. Consider other drivers - pass through flooded sections one car at a time, don't drive through water against approaching vehicles. Driving at speed into water that is more than about 15 centimetres deep can have dramatic effects - it could almost feel like driving into a brick wall with loss of control.
I caught the cars on the right on camera driving into about six centimetres of standing water at around 25mph - an instant after this picture was taken the red car lost control, luckily an accident was avoided.

Use a low gearIf you intend to drive through a flooded section of road, your first task is to check the depth of the water. If your wheels start to lose grip partway through a flooded section it could be that the car is trying to float. After driving through a flooded section of road or a ford across a river, test your brakes (whilst still driving slowly) and be prepared to drive them off by touching the brake pedal very lightly with your left foot (practice this on an empty stretch of road next time you go out driving to discover what very lightly means!). If your car has been abandoned and has stood in deep water for a long period (an hour or more) it's worth getting a mechanic to look at it before you try and start it. The first thing to do to prepare your new Toyota in Orlando for flash floods is to pay attention! Flip on the weather channel on your radio, listen for bulletins, and watch for signs and barriers (and don’t ignore them!). Large volumes of water can cause flash-floods, or floods in urban areas where the sewers and drains can't cope and there is nowhere for the water to soak away. In an automatic keep your foot on the gas in the lowest held gear and use the brake to control your speed (and hope for the best!). Don't try driving through fast-moving water, for example approaching a flooded bridge – your car could easily be swept away.

That’s why we’re compiling a list of tips on how to handle a flash flood if you ever encounter one, and how to keep you and your family safe! Flash floods have been happening all over the country lately – every time you turn on the Weather Channel, you hear of another one.
While flash floods aren’t typical here in Central Florida, we know that a lot of our Orlando Toyota customers take their new Toyota all over the country for both work and play! Try to find an escape route and get to higher ground just in case a flash flood is headed your way. Flash floods happen fast, usually after a heavy rainfall, and they can be incredibly dangerous. However, there are steps you can take to ensure you make it to safety should your new Toyota in Orlando ever be exposed to this type of incident. The most recent series of flash floods took place in Arizona, and left several drivers stranded in their cars as the waters rose.

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