Using this information you can get some idea of how safe your house or workplace is, and you can plan the best route of escape.
It's a good idea to have a checklist you can run down so you make sure you don't forget anyone or anything in the heat of the moment. If you're going to be climbing or hiking near the volcano, you should bring a few survival items that will help you survive if you're caught outside without access to shelter. Protect yourself by staying below the ridgelines of hills and on the side of the hill opposite the volcano.
If you are caught in a hail of smaller pyroclastics, crouch down on the ground, facing away from the volcano, and protect your head with your arms, a backpack, or anything else you can find. Even flows that appear to be cooled may simply have formed a thin crust over a core of extremely hot lava.
If the ash falls for many hours, officials might advise evacuating, even after the eruption is over. Keeping away from ash especially important for people with respiratory conditions like asthma or bronchitis. Bringe deine Tiere an einen sicheren, abgedeckten Ort oder bringe sie soweit wie moglich vom Ort des Vulkanausbruches fort.
If you live near a volcano, your community likely has a plan in place to warn people that the volcano may erupt. You’ll be able to react more quickly—and run for your life, if necessary—if you’re not fatigued.

When a volcano erupts, immediately tune in to determine if you are in immediate danger where you are and also to find out what is happening around you. If you see a plume of debris rising from the volcano, or if you feel an earthquake, tune in immediately. It's an important way to stay connected and learn about updates that can affect your safety. Volcanoes emit a number of gases, and if you are close to one when it erupts, these gases could be deadly.
You can be in danger even many miles from the volcano.Never try to cross a lava flow or lahar.
That's because ash is so heavy that it can cause roofs to collapse, creating dangerous situations for people staying indoors.
When you're sure it's safe to go out, you'll need to clear the ash from your rooftop and other areas. Daruber hinaus wird es dir helfen, deine Gesundheit und dein Hab und Gut vor vulkanischer "Asche" und vor Gestein zu schutzen, das sich uber viele Kilometer ausbreiten kann.[1] Es kann jedoch verwirrend sein, sich auf einen Vulkanausbruch vorzubereiten, wenn du nicht die richtigen Informationen hast. Fortunately, most volcanoes are carefully monitored, and scientists can usually provide some advance warning before a serious event. Before going to the volcano, consult with local authorities, and heed their recommendations or warnings. It's extremely important to follow the advisories, whatever they may be, in order to ensure your family's safety.

Breathe through a respirator, mask, or moist piece of cloth—this will also protect your lungs from clouds of ash—and try to get away from the volcano as quickly as possible. But if you live near a volcano or get an opportunity to visit one, you are always at risk, and it's important to know how to prepare for an eruption and escape one alive.
These maps show the probable paths of lava flows and lahar (or mud flows) and give estimates for the minimum time it would take a flow to reach a given location.
Keep all your supplies in one place—a large container that you can carry, for example—so that you can quickly bring them with you if you need to evacuate.
Learn about the hazards you may encounter in the area of the volcano, and get a reputable guide to accompany you, if possible. Never try to cross these during an eruption, and otherwise cross them only on safe, marked paths. If you do go outside before it's deemed safe, make sure your body is covered from head to toe and that you breathe through a respirator or moistened cloth.

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