In the game, players must survive through 6 various disasters on 10 preset maps spawned on a green elevated island.
To increase the challenge for survival, a fall damage script is present to damage a player if one flies in any direction at a fast rate. The ocean surrounding the island becomes flooded, and rises to a height of approximately 4 ROBLOXians tall. In the clouds, this fictional disaster will randomly precipitate a deadly liquid on every brick it can pour onto.

It is unconfirmed if this trick still works, but there is a way for the player to forecast the disaster that is about to occur without looking for clouds. On January 14, 2014, the game was largely updated, featuring 5 new disasters, a server-wide leaderboard, and Double Disasters, which spawns two disasters on one map. Upon arrival, players have approximately 20 seconds to prepare for a randomly chosen disaster that is not revealed to the player until it starts. For some reason, players have proven that running away constantly will in fact decrease the damage done drastically, making them able to survive without shelter.

During a double disaster, players likely climb up on the volcano to avoid the second disaster, if volcano is one of them.

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