RSC provides a comprehensive threat assessment based on global and national threats, local conditions and recent and relevant terrorist and criminal methods of operation. Rozin Security Consulting LLC and its team are uniquely positioned to provide its clients with an effective Security Risk Assessment service. RSC’s risk assessment allows its clients to take a complete and an in-depth look at their existent security program focused on the three main domains: Physical Security, Security Technology and Human Assets. RSC’s risk assessment provides an analysis of currently deployed effective security measures and subsequent recommendations for improvement, directly correlated to the identified risks.

RSC’s risk assessment service allows for an investment capable of significantly enhancing one’s operational capability, while often reducing the ineffective usage of security measures, and reducing insurance premiums.
Risk & threat assessments proactively protect personnel, assets, and environments by assessing security threats, vulnerabilities, and risk. RSC’s risk assessment takes into account all elements of clients’ security operation to measure operational and cost effectiveness. RSC assessments help companies protect their people and assets against violent, criminal, and disruptive threats.

Rozin Security Consulting provides one-time risk & threat assessments, as well as ongoing threat intelligence support.
Threat intelligence support allows companies to cost-effectively assess and mitigate security risks.

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