In most cases this will be the result of an extrinsic factor e.g in rugby as the game increases ain tension the players focus in on winning and tend to leave their selves more at risk for injury due to the determination of winning. For example, if the playing area for the hockey tournament, is damaged or covered in snow, there must be a plan that ensures another sports arena is close by and available. Risk identification and management is the process of identifying occurrences and situations which have an unsatisfactory outcome and putting in place steps (strategies) to minimize or hopefully eliminate the risk. It is impossible for clubs to eliminate risk but importantly, clubs are able to put in place processes to minimize the likelihood of an unsatisfactory event and also put in place response procedures if the event was to occur. Many risk management specialists like to prioritise risks using a simple matrix which, for each type of risk, determines the likelihood of a risk occurring and comparing it to the severity of the consequences if the risk did in fact occur.

This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Safety Aspects and Risk Assessment section. Not enough food, too much exercise, consuming too much alcohol and having too much insulin in the blood all contribute to causing hypoglycaemia and is mainly caused intrinsically by the person suffering as it their fault for not taking the precautions required before taking part in sport.
Consolidate and link the practical and theory aspects with the unit outcomes and assessment.
Although risk management can be considered by itself, it really should be considered as part of the planning for each function of your clubs operations.
It is crucial that clubs continue to monitor the risks and assess if anything changes which increases the probability of risks occurring or if the club is exposed to different risks over time.

If this injury occurs then the player might have a serious problem and it could possibly end a career in sport. For clubs to have an effective culture of minimizing risks, there needs to be a conscious decision that an individual or group within the club should “own” risk management and champion it continually. It is a critical component of any clubs risk management strategy that everybody is aware of the clubs focus on minimizing risks and that all issues and potential risks are reported immediately to the club committee as well as the occurrence of any unsatisfactory events.

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