Qualitative risk assessment involves assigning categories to hazard probabilities and outcomes. Second step was to list all the possible risks and to associate them with a degree of likelihood from 1 to 10 and design mitigation systems. The second problem, related to the fact that the sim card could have been indent infield thanks to the IMEI¬†number, the sim cards for the system were bought by the organization and registered all under the same name (yes that was a risk that the organization was taking, but they decided that it was better to have the risk on the organization than on individuals). The second one was that the people involved were activists, so people that were taking a certain amount of risk, knowing it, and we’re ok with that since they were willing to risk to achieve their goals.
In addition to this, we knew were well that there was no way we could control or mitigate all the risks, so for those ones, we decided to create system where the act was at least going to be known by others, as to allow other measures to be taken.
A good appreciation of the Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) risks in your area of responsibility helps to correctly direct resources for improvement. Better appreciate your personal role in managing the HSE risk in your area of responsibility. Come to a good understanding of your role in demonstrating risk is managed to ALARP levels.
Exponent staff has broad experience performing LNG hazard analyses, as well as qualitative or quantitative risk assessments for LNG plants.

The most commonly applied proactive methods are the safety surveys, operational safety audits, safety monitoring and safety assessments. The hazard severity and its likelihood of occurrence are used to assess the risk that a hazard can pose to the provision of an aviation service, in particular to aircraft operations and eventually to human life.
Hazard identification determines to a great extent the effectiveness of an organisation’s risk management process, as it provides the input for the other two risk management components, notably the Risk Assessment and Risk Mitigation. I truly believe that this matrix can help in understanding what are the things that we should focus our attention on and what are the things that we cannot change or we should just ignore.
If I would have fill it, the outcome would have been very different, since my ideas on the possible risks associated with this project were very different. The Risk Assessment Matrix (RAM) is a tool to rank, assess these risks and discuss what changes need to be made so that the risk is as low as is reasonably practicable (ALARP). Hazard Classification, the classification of the severity of Hazards, is half way to Risk Assessment. The assessment of hazards should take into consideration all possible outcomes - from the least likely to the most likely.
Hopefully, it will not be a critical mistake and the pilot, engineer, or other staff member will slow down before entering that area of risk.

The very key factor in the use of this matrix though does not lie in the matrix, but in whom is filling it. The safety assessment process in the Design and Certification process identifies and classifies most of the hazards, assesses the risks, and introduces controls - this is a good starting point for identifying the hazards to the operation and there should ideally be a clear link between design and certification and operations.
The table below is an example of hazard severity classification matrix, provided in EUROCAE ED -78A. Hazards identification performed at the operations stage should ideally refer to Design and Certification, where hazards were first considered and risks assessed and mitigated. A "Hazard" as defined by CCOHS, is any source of potential damage, harm or adverse health effects on something or someone under certain conditions.In order to give you a starting point we ask that every employee,review the "Hazard Identification and Assessment" and "Hazard Identification Checklist" articles in the "SMS Reference Information" area.
Once you enter the "Hazard Risk" it alerts the "Department" by e-mail as to the risk that you have assessed using the "Risk Matrix".The "SMS Reporter", will colour code your "Safety Report" to highlight it for the Department to which it was sent.

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