Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Plan for small businesses need effectual strategies to deal with and to recover from disrupting occurrences.
It is apparent that disasters such as earthquake, floods, hurricanes and several other disasters inflict thousands of businesses to suffer heavy losses and many of them even get locked. As an owner of a small business, it becomes unavoidable to protect critical units of your organization, including your IT server room, power utilities, and highly expensive and heavy equipments including employees and customers from injury within your business premises in an event of disaster.

You can use this Business Continuity Plan Template (48 page Word, 12 Excel spreadsheets, with its free Business Impact Analysis, and Damage Assessment Report templates to recover quickly and effectively from an unforeseen disaster or emergency.
How do I recover from a disaster and restore the organization to normal business operations after a risk has occurred.
This BCP provides templates, checklist, forms, and guidelines that cover all functions required in Business Continuity Planning.

These include preparing risk assessments, mitigating against potential crises, procedures to handle the disaster recovery phase, and organizing testing, training and maintenance instructions for keeping the plan up-to-date.

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