Select-A-Shield RF isolation bags are made of highly conductive metalized fabric which forms a “Faraday cage”. Select Fabricators can source Mil-Spec materials and convert them into specialized bags and containers. Two recent examples of these types of products that spring to mind are the LOKSAK ShieldSak ($33) and the Nemo EMFX-47 Pouch ($50).
Reestablishing communications is simply accomplished by opening and removing the electronic entry device from the Select-A-Shield bag.

Select-A-Shield RFI EMI shielding pouches are designed to isolate wireless devices from receiving or emitting signals. A very specialized bag for the aerospace industry required numerous pouches, cavities, pockets, metal identification envelopes and a complex carry strap configuration. I have no way to test the effectiveness of the passive RFID shielding, but have extremely high confidence that it will thwart any passive scanning attempts based on what I have seen with the cell phones. These small, flexible “Faraday cage” bags are increasingly being used by rental car companies, replacement remote key manufacturers and car owners to isolate wireless remote keys from RF access.

Not only did the screen have to protect the unit from RF interference, the shield needed to be waterproof. I would like to use a similar lightweight fabric to make a bag to protect my laptop and travel documents.

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