There are numerous free project management software that can be used as a replacement of Microsoft project.
There are numerous examples of these free project management software that can be used to replace Microsoft Project. This project management software is best suited for individuals or even corporate that base their estimates on the total work for the task and then go ahead to create a schedule for their staff based on these estimates. GanttProject is software for project management that is also loaded with numerous features and accessories.
It also has a milestone feature, a very good tool for setting goals and timeline especially when you are dealing with a large scale project.
OpenProj is yet open source Windows-based desktop project management software, an alternative to Microsoft Project.
Capacity planning helps to ensure that resource capacity meets current and future business requirements in a cost-effective manner. Resource Work Management is an ongoing process in the resource management life cycle that begins with allocation and ends at the completion of the final project or work deliverable. The last level of the resource management life cycle focuses on those accountable for individual work items. Meanwhile, these free project management software provide robust project scheduling and management functionality that too free of cost. It is considered to be very powerful and one should always consider using it before opting for commercial project management software like Microsoft Project. The key features of Open Workbench is its capability of planning for the project, scheduling, management of resources and one can also be able to review the project among other features. It covers the complete spectrum of project management tasks from the first idea to the completion of the project. The built-in resource balancer and consistency checker offload you from having to worry about irrelevant details and ring the alarm if the project gets out of hand.
Any organization that fails to manage their resources to ensure that sufficient capacity is available, and that they are being assigned and managed efficiently, risks losing control of its project and work costs and having its business activities seriously constrained.

As you can see in the graphic below, this is a top down approach to managing your resources. One of the most important aspects of implementing and executing a new tool or discipline is that you understand your audience, their needs and their current processes in place today, to ensure that new technologies introduced will be easily adapted. This is because it helps you in scheduling, controlling of costs , management of the budget, allocation of resources, communication, undertaking of documentation or administrative services and a number other project related tasks. To a very large extent Open Workbench is a resource driven software as opposed to being driven by tasks.
The application provides most advanced tool to manage, schedule and up to date cost algorithms to serve you with best project management solution.
This free project management tool assists you during project scoping, resource assignment, cost and revenue planing, risk and communication management. The ability to deploy employees effectively against often conflicting projects and other work priorities enables organizations to optimize their return on human resource investments. To truly accomplish full resource management within your organization, all areas must be considered and accommodated. In order to be the most productive, resources need a tool that will handle all of their work tasks and any personal tasks they may have in one location. OpenProj is ideal for desktop project management and is available on Linux, Unix, Mac or Windows.
The application supports all the major core project management features- Project scheduling, management, resource management, task handling, work bench approach. In order to maximize both task throughput and company morale, resource and project managers need an efficient system to place the appropriate staff on the right teams at the right time. That being said, it is always wise to consider organizational maturity as it relates to resource management.
All of these tools necessary for project execution and management are also essential to your resources.
If your resources aren’t communicating and they aren’t working towards a shared understanding of goals, carefully putting together a resource plan pre-execution will be less productive.

The estimates are linked to the resource that have been assigned for that particular task, then the duration is driven by the total number of hours that each of the resource allocated is bound to work so that the total amount of hours allocated for the project is covered.
As with any work or project deliverable, time, resources and costs must all be considered together in order to effectively and successfully deliver a project. When defining the tools to implement for resource management, ease of use and flexibility are essential to ensure high user adaption and effective collaboration. Effective resource management relies on the fact that these factors have all been considered prior to selecting your resources. In addition to the environmental factors a roles and responsibilities document should be completed prior to assigning resources. An organization chart will also aid in this process when determining the resource assignments and when viewing the preliminary project schedule to see when each resource is needed and for how long. In other instances, you may need to be prepared to enter a negotiation process with functional managers or maybe even other project managers, should the resource be currently working on other projects. In this case, project priorities and benefits may be weighed to determine which project has the greater need for the requested resource.
In many cases, if project teams are already over allocated, there may be a need to consider acquiring resources from a 3rd party vendor or consulting firm. You may also consider whether or not having a virtual team will be adequate for your resource management needs. After resources are assigned and confirmed, you will need to be prepared to manage all future changes that could potentially come into play to ensure your plan is flexible and scalable to handle unexpected shifts in resource demand and allocation.

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