Dealing with the damage brought on by a natural disaster is a daunting and difficult undertaking, but can be helped with the right preparation. The stress from a natural disaster can leave people vulnerable and may make them easier targets for fraud.
Post-traumatic stress disorder is a common reaction to natural disasters and can persist long after the disaster itself has been resolved. EMDR has been used by returning Iraq veterans, victims of rape and after natural disasters to resolve the perpetual feeling of crisis that lingers long afterwards.

I regularly talk to homeowners who have paid $2,500 to a web business promising to stop the foreclosure only to realize after the check had cleared that it was an empty promise. Each project requires a different preparedness plan that is geared toward coordinating the minutest of details with the sequential tasks targeted at property cleanup and recovery before, during and after a disaster. Dalworth Restoration is better prepared than the competition to fully resume your property to regular operations before, during, and after a disaster, since we implement and execute complete disaster recovery assistance measures, including a specialized disaster restoration plan of action. Call us today at 817-203-2944 to begin the emergency restoration process now. Dalworth Restoration has experience cleaning up and restoring numerous properties from disasters, and we have been a member of Disaster Kleenup International (DKI) since 1997.
After Katrina hit New Orleans, many insurance companies denied coverage due to a flooding exclusion in the policy despite the fact that coverage existed for wind damage.

If your area was declared a federal disaster area, contact FEMA to discuss what type of help is available. While both require timely disaster recovery services following fire, smoke or water damages, commercial enterprises usually need restoration on a much larger scale and require more intricate and complex logistics to execute the disaster restoration plan.

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