If you have updated iTunes or moved your iTunes music library you may find that your song playlists seem to have disappeared. I’m not really sure why the iTunes playlists disappear during some transfers and updates, but it seems to happen randomly. Just as i asked that it started repopulating but still no songs in my playlist’s, just duplicated all the playlist with nothing in them! Unfortunately I did the steps above before reading your post and now I have duplicates of all my playlists… better than none! This did not fix my playlists – just duplicated empty versions of the generic playlists.
Hi, Just wondering how I reverse the playlist disappearing process, it didn’t work and I lost other playlists, thanks so much.
This solution seems to restore the itunes list but not the playlists physically on my iPod. Hi I was being clever and deleted my playlists from my iphone, when I plugged into itunes, ALL my playlists from my mac deleted.

THANK YOU- I did an itunes update and everything was wiped out, I was near tears, but this was SO easy and worked perfectly!!! I have all my iTunes (3600 songs and 15 playlists) on an external hard drive and want to keep it there.
The last time I ran into this I was moving iTunes music from a PC to a new Mac which worked wonderfully until I discovered none of the playlists were there. I have been wracking my brain to fix my playlists that went missing a few days ago thanks to an iTunes update.
What a complete waste of time, get your crap together Apple this fix didn’t recover the playlists. I did notice before I tried to fix it, that one of my playlists (made my myself rather than the standard apple ones) had been duplicated but was empty. My other play lists are there but this one playlist (which happened to be my best and biggest…grrrrr!) is gone.
I have tried to restore the play lists like advised above, but it has not put any of the playlists into itunes and no music has gone into the folders.

I transferred all our iTunes library to an external hard drive this morning and ‘lost’ all my playlists when I re-directed the library!
WHen I upgraded my iPad software tonight and sync’d my iTunes, it deleted all of the playlists.
They were ll there yesterday and I have only added 1 album since but about 6 albums are showing up (in total) in various playlists so I have no idea what is going on.
I’ve manually re-created all of my playlists at least twice in the past from things like this happening.

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