Last week, Christie also called for another massive overhaul of public-employee benefits in New Jersey, saying the current pension system should be frozen and that all employees should be moved instead into a hybrid retirement system with some features of a 401(k) plan.
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Governor Christie Takes Commonsense Action To Lift Restrictions On Fuel Retailers During Energy Emergencies  [Gov. The Republican governor leaves Tuesday for a two-week family trip that includes time in Idaho, Salt Lake City and an undisclosed location in between.

A group of 14 public-sector unions said Tuesday that they are planning to sue the Christie administration over its pension funding plans included in the fiscal 2016 budget.
Governor Chris Christie Declares State of Emergency In Preparation For Hurricane Joaquin  [Gov. Governor Christie Takes Action To Prepare Public Safety Measures In Advance Of Papal Visit  [Gov. Chris Christie addresses a gathering about plans for better treatment for those in the state with addiction and mental health problems Thursday, Oct.

The popular conservative governor was courted last month by a group of Iowa party leaders who asked him to reconsider a presidential run. After signing landmark employee benefits legislation and a pared-down state budget, New Jersey Gov.

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