If you are going to spend the night in your vehicle in a blizzard, you are going to want to start the night with at least a half tank of gas. Blizzards - Every year, blizzards hit dozens of norther states, from as far west as Washington to as far east as Maine. But with an Evac Pack safely stored in your car, you’d be guaranteed of having basic survival materials in case of sudden evacuation.
As you can see, these supplies could come in quite handy in an emergency survival situation.
Some of the things you can do to prepare for the unexpected, such as assembling an emergency supply kit and making an emergency plan are universal, regardless of the type of emergency.

Having a basic kit on hand to sustain yourself and your family after an emergency is an essential part of preparation. If you are married or have kids, you may want to have these supplies as part of your evacuation survival kit.
In one kit, put everything you will need to stay where you are and make it on your own for a period of time (at least 3 days). However, these procedures can help you to be prepared and know when to seek medical care and what to do to aid your survival until help is available.
Plus, you’ll get all kinds of tools and supplies to help you survive just about any kind of survival situation.

Then if for any reason during the next year you are not totally thrilled with your purchase (and enjoying the peace of mind such an emergency evacuation kit gives you), then simply return the whole thing to us for a prompt refund of your money, minus shipping costs. The other kit should be a smaller, lightweight version that you can grab and take with you if you have to leave your home on short notice.

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