Quit The Denial, a Canadian anti-smoking campaign, has published a unique public service announcement comparing social smoking to social farting. Smoking PSA - Put Down the Smokes, Pick up the Guns Statistics show that the death rate would decline dramatically if more people would turn to guns rather than picking up a cigarette. Public service announcements serve a very specific purpose: to inform the public and curb dangerous behavior. Thankfully, there at least seems to be a benefit of using PSA’s to prevent behaviors, and to inform of dangers the public may not fully appreciate.

You may have your own opinion on whether or not the effectiveness of public service announcements outweigh the occasional emotional exploitation used in making them. Shown putting on a scarf to cover the hole in her throat, she's part of the new public service announcements featuring disturbing images of former smokers. Hard-hitting ads work, and showing the reality of people's lives and what smoking does to your ability to live out your life as you want to live it, that's maybe the most motivating thing to get a smoker to quit," Frieden said. In addition, for the past decade, there have been higher taxes on cigarettes and restrictions on public smoking.

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