Hoping to make the world a better place, Yoo Se Yoon starred in two public announcements, creating hilarious commercials out of them.
Yoo Se Yoon, who recently set up an advertisement company, released two public service announcements focusing on drinking and driving as well as littering.
Add to EJ Playlist  A public service announcement for Washington State Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) issued by attorney Chris Davis of the Davis Law Group in Seattle, WA.
Add to EJ Playlist  PSA for Mothers Against Drunk Driving that I did for Video Production 1. Add to EJ Playlist  A public service announcement I directed for Mothers Against Drunk Driving earlier this year.
Our penultimate assignment was to create a PSA (public service announcement) for some organization.

The girl in the video is my cousin Chelsea, recounting the true story of how some of her friends died in a car crash as the result of drunk driving. Add to EJ Playlist  In this 30 second public service announcement, 16-year-old Kali describes the heartbreaking loss of her parents in a 2006 impaired driving crash. Drunk Driving PSA Finally, a public service announcement about drinking and driving that speaks to today's youth. Better - for each person requirements for designing identified cycle or timetable for psa videos drunk driving extremely massive solar storms. That's why just in time for Mother's Day, we're releasing two new public service announcements (PSAs) targeting mothers who want to protect their kids, keep them safe and ensure their bright futures. These are actual victims of drunk and drugged driving including the National MADD President, who lost her son in a drunk driving accident.

It was an introductory video class, and was the first class I ever took that taught me about filmmaking. Dead Folks Discuss Drinking and Driving (Comedy Sketch) This an improvised PSA parody about drunk driving.
The "Ballerina" video contrasts images of a car crash with the joy of a mother watching her daughter perform at a dance recital.

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