You have put domestic violence posters up in the staff bathroom and added information about the local domestic violence organization to your handbook. Workplace Violence Fact SheetWorkplace Violence Fact Sheet: The National Institute for Prevention of Workplace Violence, Inc. This includes sharing information with employees on what to do if they are a victim of domestic violence and reinforcement that they will be supported if they come forward. OSHA Workplace Violence GuideGuidelines for Preventing Workplace Violence for Healthcare and Social Service Workersby From OSHAHealthcare and social service workers face significant risks of job-related violence and it is OSHA’s mission to help employers address these serious hazards. Now it’s time to establish a protocol to protect your employees from domestic violence in the workplace.

OSHA’s violence prevention guidelines are based on industry best practices and feedback from stakeholders, and provide recommendations for developing policies and procedures to eliminate or reduce workplace violence in a range of healthcare and social service settings. The organization has incorporated domestic violence training into its new hire workplace safety training. This publication updates OSHA’s 1996 and 2004 voluntary guidelines for preventing workplace violence for healthcare and social service workers. The employees and management of the facility have accomplished this feat through engagement, personal responsibility for safety, humor and training. Reviewing the employee touchpoints you currently have in place can help you determine where to incorporate domestic violence information and training.

The incidents involved employees who were threatened or physically and verbally assaulted by patients and visitors, or were breaking up altercations between patients, according to OSHA.

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