An Armchair Prepper is what some of us refer to as an ‘expert.’ Personally, in the prepping or disaster mitigation field there are no true experts. Armchair Preppers are people who hang out at online prep boards then vomit out what they’ve read to others.
Then there are the prep ‘scammers.’ These people fall into the same category as the armchair preppers.
The reason I posted all this information is that there are far too many people out there that are looking to make a quick buck by offering products or services to the prepper be they new or experienced. Tagged  BOB, Bugout Bag, emergencies, family, first aid, Preparedness, Prepper, Prepper Training, Survival, Survival Central, Wilderness Survival Training. Yes, Ralston has quite a story to tell of how he came to appear on “Doomsday Preppers” and to start the online outdoor survival store Gear Up, based out of Scottsdale, Arizona. Ralston wanted to follow his passion and entered the survival market, going back to his naturally ingrained prepper roots. It was after this product took off that Ralston began to tailor his Gear Up website to only products he had tested and considered useful as an “inventor prepper.” All products on Gear Up are made in America and often have dual functions. It’s also these survival and self-reliance products he thinks contributed to him landing on “Doomsday Preppers,” which just entered its second season on National Geographic. This custom companion to the blockbuster National Geographic Channel series Doomsday Preppers is filled with how-to illustrations, "Prepper Profiles" of people in the show, and survival tips from preppers themselves.
As a prepper myself, I have to try to broaden my horizons from time to time because after a while of looking, you do start to see some repetition.

There is also confusion that somehow outdoor survival training and preparedness are one in the same.
Most outdoor survival courses are designed to show and teach the students how to survive if lost in the woods. They’re pretty much useless but sadly, they prey on the newbie prepper and focus on ways to separate them from their money. To several million viewers of National Geographic’s “Doomsday Preppers” series, he’s the guy who shot his own finger on the show. The product that really put Ralston on the map — and got him noticed by National Geographic for Doomsday Preppers — was the “Crovel,” a crowbar welded to the head of a shovel. I guess I am guilty of adding to this repetition somewhat myself obviously with the Prepper Journal. What’s worse is that some of these sites will advertise about some kind of magical list for all BOBs, Survival Kits, Emergency Kits, Get Home Bags, Get out Dodge bags, or whatever they want to label them. Having been in the Disaster Prevention now Mitigation field for a long time and having more than a passing interest in preparedness and outdoor survival, you shouldn’t have to pay for information about how some so-called ‘expert’ created the ultimate list for what you need in your BOB.
A good example is that both prepping and outdoor survival mention a sheath knife of some kind and possibly a multi-tool. Preppers go to extraordinary lengths to plan for any of life's uncertainties, from constructing a home out of shipping containers and stockpiling 50,000 lbs. The other day I was looking around, and this may happen in cycles, but on this day there seemed to be a higher than usual percentage of web pages, YouTube videos and articles on the subject of the Survival Tin.

The Survival Tin if you aren’t aware is billed as a one stop shop for anything you need to keep you alive, stored in a small container. The contents are very creative and diminutively packaged so as to get a whole bunch of little things in one small container.One of the great things about a survival tin is that anyone can create one of these by yourself, and like I said, there are hundreds of videos at least on this very subject.
By making this survival tin part of your Every Day Carry equipment you will be more likely to benefit from having these items when you need them.But whenever I look at one of these tins, I imagine myself carrying it every day and wondering what situation I would need to be faced in that would make this tin something that would actually help me Survive. It could be that some disaster strikes and you are no longer at home, but somehow transported into the wilds of Africa with nothing but your survival tin. You have to have both a brain that knows how to use the items you have carefully assembled and the will to live that will give you the motivation and creativity needed to use these implements to somehow make your life better.The survival tin is just a small example but I know of people who buy tons of survival gear. Sadly, it is some of these same people who take a car trip without having a first aid-kit or a map if they get lost.Purchasing some amount of survival gear is a requirement I think for most of us. Seriously, if you want to call yourself prepared, an equal portion of this game is the mental attitude you need to survive.
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