When packing food into your 72 hour kit, remember to use shelf stable, non perishable foods that will last a while.
I cannot stress enough about the importance of food and water in your Emergency Survival Station. It’s amazing how fast the weight in your pack can add up, especially when adding in water and food! I know you wrote this quite a long time ago, but if you are still having trouble getting your supplies you could try trading for them.

If the public water system becomes contaminated for any amount of time & you don’t have an emergency supply of water, you will need to know how to effectively treat water in order to remove pathogens for safe drinking. Being able to add to your water supply at the last moment as the article states is a wise idea but remember that you can really ONLY count what you have physically stored.
FEMA suggests storing at least a 2 week supply. The more water you stockpile, the better off you are.
We already are in process of stock piling our pantry (dp closet) for supplies, but we are still in the early stages as this can get costly even when purchasing wisely.

You also need to store at least 3 days worth of “easy to prepare” food (with a long shelf life).

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