According to a new report, focusing on the District of North Vancouver, a catastrophic earthquake would be far more damaging than previously thought.
The event a wake-up call for BC demonstrating how catastrophic an earthquake could be for cities like Victoria.
The message here is be prepared, according to Rob Johns, with Victoria’s Emergency Management Agency.
According to research scientist Murray Journeay with the Geoligical Survey of Canada, an inventory of vulnerable buildings is critical to prepare for earthquakes.
With a 30 percent change of an earthquake large enough to cause significant property damage hitting southwestern B.C. The west coast of both Canada and the US has long been living with the threat of a major earthquake looming. It says for example as many as 10,000 people could die if a major shallow quake struck beneath the city of Vancouver. The report has a second scenario of a 7.0 quake was modeled for the greater Victoria area on Vancouver Island.

An earlier but similar report in April, prepared by for the District of North Vancouver said a  7.3 magnituge quake would likely result in hundreds of deaths, thousands of others needing immediate, thousands of people out of their homes for up to a year, half the district without power and water, and many main roads unusable.
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