A tornado watch indicates that conditions are right for tornado development and tornadoes are possible in your area. A tornado warning indicates that a tornado has been seen in your area or that radar indicates the presence of a tornado. A tornado emergency means that a tornado warning has been issued and it is heading toward a densely populated area.
A severe thunderstorm warning means that a severe thunderstorm has been spotted in your area, and you should take appropriate precautions and watch for tornadoes. Shut off utilities.[3] Since gas leaks can be extremely dangerous, the first thing you should do once you have handled the first step is turn off the gas, water, and electricity.
Inform your children about tornadoes, so they will know some of the signs, and will stay alert.
Never go outside during a tornado to witness or calculate the distance of the tornado from your current location. Tornadoes usually last for about 20 seconds, but some rare ones have lasted more than an hour.
If you are in a car when a tornado hits get out and find a ditch, lie down in the ditch and cover your head.
Tornadoes are sometimes obscured by clouds or rain, and there is sometimes no visible funnel cloud. The SPC is expecting a very busy day of severe weather as they have issued a moderate risk for portions of the Plains and the Midwest. But the time to get prepared is not when a tornado is bearing down on you, or even when severe weather is forecast for you. Many tornadoes, severe thunderstorms and flash floods strike when you are most vulnerable: when you and your family are asleep.
Your need for severe weather information becomes even more critical when you are away from your normal surroundings in a hotel or on the road.
Overwarning desensitizes people MyWarn eliminates the frustrating interruptions caused by legacy warning distribution systems that sound for alerts you aren’t in.

MyWARN is a simple, but very powerful smartphone application designed to deliver critical life saving severe weather alerts from the National Weather Service to its users within seconds of them being issued. As summer vacation season rapidly approaches, it always important to be ready for the threat of severe weather no matter where you decide to get caught up on your rest and relaxation. The Storm Prediction Center in Norman, Oklahoma has issued a large risk for severe on Sunday.
A classic severe weather set-up and outbreak are forecast to happen across the Mississippi Valley on Thursday.
The first day of National Severe Weather Preparedness Week begins with a threat of severe weather across the Lower Mississippi River Valley. A rare November outbreak of severe weather across the Midwest and Great Lakes caused widespread damage as several large tornadoes occurred across the region.
Part of severe thunderstorms and tornadoes are rotating, whirling winds that appear in a funnel shape. Make sure everyone in the family knows where to go, what to take, and how to be safe if a tornado hits. Tornadoes usually only develop in the presence of thunderstorms (though the thunderstorm may be some distance away from you), so lightning, rain, and hail (especially if occurring after a tornado watch or warning has been issued) should put you on guard. Even if you know the signs of a tornado, you can't always rely on your own eyes and ears alone to know if one is coming.
If you hear a tornado watch or a severe thunderstorm watch, you should pay special attention to weather conditions. Note all damage, but mostly look for any structural damage that could be an immediate harm to your family.
Move hazardous objects with care, and make a note for your insurance company on what has been damaged.
Often, tornadoes drop down vertically and lift straight back up, so you will not always observe them coming toward you. Cheetos and Doritos don't give you the nourishment you need if you were trapped for a long period of time.

MyWarn levels the field by keeping up with where you are and delivering any alerts that are issued for your precise location. The SPC has issued a moderate risk for severe weather for portions of Missouri, Iowa, Nebraska, and Kansas. The SPC has outlined much of the area in a moderate risk for severe weather as widespread and organized severe weather will occur which includes damaging winds, very large hail, flash flooding, and tornadoes. The SPC has issued their standard slight risk for severe weather for much of the Peninsula of Florida. Now is the time to make any plans on how you and your loved ones will be prepared and ready for the next time your location is impacted by severe weather.
The next several day will be quite active from the Ozarks to the East Coast as a storm system will be impacting these areas and will bring with it the chance for organized and widespread severe weather. Listen to local radio stations or watch local TV to stay informed, especially during conditions that are likely to form tornadoes. Stay tuned to the radio for more information on the situation in your town or neighborhood. His favorite article he’s worked on is How to Watch Star Wars on Command Prompt, but the first edit he ever made was a spelling correction on How to Test for Diabetes in Cats. The SPC has issued a slight risk for severe weather from the Gulf Coast to the Ohio River Valley. A great forecast leading up the the event had many people informed and prepared for this threat.
If possible, find one with backup battery power and a tone-alert feature, which automatically notifies you when the National Weather Service issues a severe weather watch or warning for your area.

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