The web-based game is geared to multiple audiences, including children, teens, parents, caregivers, and teachers to focus on what to do before, during, and after a disaster. The instructions are meant for classroom activities, but we bet your kids will also like experimenting with toy cars and buckets of water to learn about flooding and other natural disasters. Join Dante Shields, the internationally famous disaster specialist, and his genius prodigy, Mika, in the high-tech holographic simulation gameshow, Disaster Hero. Players are encouraged to learn about the types of disasters that can occur in their geographic region or state.
While these structures withstood the earthquake, wood and concrete were no match for the waves of the tsunami.The number one course of action that everyone should take is to educate themselves accordingly and know as much as possible about what to do before and when these disasters strike.
The game includes a variety of different genres, tailored to the specific type of educational content to be conveyed.

This informational site is for older kids, however, there is a hurricane preparedness game that tests your ability to build kits for everyone from single people to retired couples and extended families. Take some time to play the interactive games and quizzes with your kids and you'll brush up on your emergency situation skills too.
Build-a-Kit game - Read about the key things that should go into every emergency kit, then go through a kitchen, living room, and realistically messy bedroom to select the items to pack in your bag. As you do so, key facts about the activity as well as the impending disaster will pop up to provide you with much-needed information as you continue working against the clock. Disaster Master - For older kids, this comic book-style story follows five teens as they experience eight potential disasters. Compete against the members of Dante's elite disaster specialist team in four different disaster scenarios; earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes, and floods.

Points, trophies, and achievements are earned throughout the experience and displayed on the Disaster Hero website, along with additional downloadable learning activities targeted to teachers and parents.
Many areas in Japan are still isolated, with roads and other fallen infrastructure blocking the way of rescue and volunteer groups bringing aid to the people.Japan is one of the world's most earthquake prone countries but they are also one of the best prepared.

Where to store emergency earthquake supplies
Flash flood protection


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