As the tropical wave moved through the tropical Atlantic Ocean after formation, upper-level winds prevented the system from strengthening. Hurricane Mitch weakened to a tropical storm on the morning of 20 October, and then to a tropical depression by the evening of 31 October.
Hurricane Mitch produced incredible rainfall, which caused widespread flooding and generated many Source: USGS')" onmouseout="UnTip()">landslides, predominantly in Honduras and Nicaragua.
Hurricane Mitch was the deadliest Atlantic weather event since the Great Hurricane of 1780, which killed 22,000 people in the eastern Caribbean. Hurricane Mitch so weakened the country that smaller-scale disasters still have a much greater proportionate effect.

But he also points out that much of the infrastructure being rebuilt with public money is still being constructed along out-of-date, risky criteria, which could not stand up to Mitch. This used to be the site of the Trebol refugee camp, where 3,000 Mitch survivors lived in tents. However, some in the city resent the fact that it was built in just seven months, whereas some of the survivors had been forced to live there under canvas for three years.
With all roads cut and telephone lines down, the mayor at the time, Ramon Espinal, had to walk for 24 hours without stopping to raise the alarm. For example, a mudslide moving off La Casitas Volcano in the northeastern part of the country engulfed several communities at its base, amounting to a death toll of at least 2,000.

Forests normally assist in the rapid absorption of precipitation, and clear cutting for agricultural purposes left the rainwater no where to go but into the rivers, which were quickly overwhelmed. 126 bridges and 1300 km (800 mi) of road were affected by mudslides and floods in Costa Rica, mostly along the Inter-American Highway that had been damaged by Hurricane Cesear two years prior.

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