If your power has gone out, go to a neighbour's home or to one of the city's warming centres. Severity of damage caused by falling tree limbs is frustrating efforts to restore power to some customers, CEO Anthony Haines said on Sunday. If a tree is leaning on a powerline on or near your property — do not try to remove it, Toronto Hydro officials caution.
Ensure your stove is clear of combustibles and is turned off or unplugged to avoid a fire when power returns. Well-prepared households have a written safety preparedness plan that covers what to do in the event of a power outage and where critical supplies are kept. During a grid down disaster or power outage, the ability to cool down is going to be essential to your survival, especially if you live in an area that is prone to extremely warm weather. I dont have to worry, I live in Michigan and the last power outage I was in was 4 years ago.
Getting through a long-term power outage is much more challenging than getting through a short-term one, and it’s a good time to consider the challenges with spring storm season now here. As soon as you know that a power outage is going to last more than a few days, you should shift over to long-term mode. Unless you have a lot of money to use, it’s going to be very hard to generate enough electricity to fully power your home. While you can cook on your barbecue grille during a power outage, you may want to have an alternate means of cooking available. With a few preparations to make things easier, you can survive a short-term outage almost as if you were on a camping trip.

However, you easily can generate enough electrical power to allow you to use some appliances, run a computer, turn on a radio and maybe even run a room air conditioner or small refrigerator on really hot days. During prolonged power outages, water purification systems may not be functioning correctly and tap water could therefore be contaminated. Due to the risk of microbial contamination during prolonged power outages, refrigerated perishables should be discarded after four hours. This generator must have a transfer switch installed by a licensed electrician before it can be used to power your home. Since natural disasters often accompany power outages, the two can be integrated to prepare your family for a worst-case scenario. For those who are unprepared, these power outages, combined with summertime heat waves, can be a deadly combination. But during an extended power outage, heat can be more than just uncomfortable; it can be downright dangerous.
If you live in a home with a basement, your best bet for staying cool during a power outage is to setup a sanctuary in your own modern day cave. We should begin by saying you should put in some means of alternative electrical power, so that you are ready for a power outage. The ability to generate some electrical power will also make it easier for you to do some things that would otherwise be impossible, such as charging your cell phone and doing some work on the computer. This may require that your whole family lives in one or two rooms for the duration of the power outage, or at least until it warms up again.
In my article on getting through a short-term outage, I mentioned the need for communications.

I don’t like those for a survival situation, simply because you have to depend on having the propane bottles.
I use solar powered computer fans & a bypass to the garden hose that runs through a radiator.
Basically that means that you don’t just try and hang on until the power is restored, but you change your way of doing things to methods that don’t require electricity.
If you don't have power, boiling may be difficult, so it's best to have some water on hand. Even a minimal amount of electrical power generation can make a lot of difference when the time comes. If you aren't sure why your power went out, it's best to contact a specialist to come check on your home electrical wiring. However, when the power outage starts turning into days, you’ve got to take other action to take care of yourself and your family. Specifically, I recommended having a radio, so that you could get emergency news reports and have an idea how long the outage was going to last. Make sure that you have a battery backup system as well, so that the power your system creates can be stored for when you need it. I have managed to survive this way for many years now and I am not physically suited for this weather.

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