The BP refinery, where 15 people were killed and 170 were hurt in an explosion six years ago, was among at least four plants in the city about 35 miles southeast of Houston that lost power overnight Monday and into Tuesday. Clawson said the cause of the outages remained unknown, but said city officials want to determine what happened so it's not repeated.
Marathon experienced a brief power dip Monday night and was working to restore the affected units, company spokesman Shane Pochard said.

Schools were closed or had delayed openings and some roads near the plants were blocked to traffic. Three refineries, including a BP unit where a 2005 explosion killed 15 people, and a Dow Chemical plant lost electricity in outages that led to shelter-in-place emergency alerts and the closing of public schools Tuesday in Texas City. Residents were told they could go outside again about noon Tuesday, after officials determined that the power outages did not cause the release of unhealthy amounts of harmful gases.

Crawford, who has lived in Texas City for 40 years, says the precautionary "shelter-in-place" recommendations happen all the time.

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