Click on a State to view the Electric Utilities with their corresponding outage maps & pages. The Austin-based independent system operator manages the flow of electric power to 22 million Texas consumers.
About 50 plants on the ERCOT grid tripped off line as the storm system pushed through the state Feb. PLANO, Texas (1080 KRLD) – A major power outage affecting Plano City Hall and other municipal government offices is expected to continue well into this afternoon.
Plano City Spokesperson Mary Grube says the main power generator failed this morning, releasing smoke in the basement. Plano’s emergency operations are not affected by the outage, and Grube says residents are able to make 911 calls. Plano Independent School District officials said power has returned to Murphy Middle School Wednesday after an outage Tuesday.

The instructional day for Murphy Middle School students has been rerouted to McMillen High School due to a power outage which is expected to last until around 3:30 this afternoon. With assistance from district personnel, the campus is implementing the appropriate relocation plan while the power outage is being resolved. Power is expected to be restored this afternoon, with tomorrow being a regular instructional day. And a large number of people in Tarrant, Denton, Ellis and Kaufman counties also do not have power. Pity the poor power company employees: Oncor COO Jim Greer said there were more than 2,500 Oncor employees responding to power outages Friday.
High electricity demand prompted by harsh weather, coupled with temporary power losses, forced dozens of utilities in Texas to launch rolling blackouts during the worst winter conditions of the season. Thirty-five rural electric cooperatives are among the power distributors served by more than 550 generation units within the ERCOT system.

The Electric Reliability Council of Texas instructed its member utilities to reduce their loads to compensate for a generation shortage prompted by numerous plant trips officials blamed on extreme conditions. Johnson City-based Pedernales Electric Cooperative held its rotating outages between 18,000 and 21,000 meters at any given time, said Anne Harvey, the co-op’s communications coordinator.
Then car wrecks, where cars hit street poles connected to power lines, also caused problems. Any new precipitation will just freeze again, leading to the possibility of more power outages.

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