Homeowners should use March 8, the day they turn the clocks ahead for Daylight Saving Time, as a reminder to prepare an emergency kit for power outages based on advice from the International Association of Fire Chefs. Homeowners should use March 8, the day they turn the clocks ahead for Daylight Saving Time, as a reminder to prepare an emergency kit for power outages based on advice from the International Association of Fire Chefs.
The idea behind the kits is to keep families safe and in communication during power outages and give them an alternative to the dangerous practice of using lit candles. The association and Energizer recommend that people put a kit in a location that is easily accessible to every family member in an emergency. Storm season is rapidly approaching, which can mean power outages may be on their way, too. Weather radio: To get the updates you need when your technology devices lose power, purchase a battery-powered or hand crank weather radio for your emergency electricity kit. Having emergency electricity supplies ready can keep your family more comfortable and safe when your power goes out.
Keeping the children entertained during a storm or power outage can be a challenge if there isn’t a plan.
I planned for the worst and tried to come up with an emergency kit that would get my family through the storm.
Kids love using flashlights, so give them a flashlight and allow them to read during a storm or outage.
Our cordless phone went completely dead in the outage and I couldn’t find the corded phone. Remember to Have Fun – Try to make the most out of your time if you are stuck inside during a power outage or storm.

Create your home emergency kits soon and find a safe place in your home to store it so you’ll have it on hand during any one of these events.
This was a rare storm for us, so many weren’t prepared and were without power for days! In the event that you find yourself waiting out a storm or even during power outages, coloring books with crayons and markers are perfect to have around to keep the kids entertained! You may not be able to leave your house due to ice on the road, downed power lines, or other damage.
I use them for our flashlights, weather radio, tap lights, and games for the kids during electrical outages.
HERE'S WHAT TO DOIf there are no numbers in your meter's display your power is out and you should call us at (503) 397-1844 to report your outage. Flashlights: Make sure your emergency electricity kit contains at least one quality flashlight to provide light during an outage. Hand-powered can opener: You want to make sure you can eat in the event of an outage, so having a manual can opener handy will allow you to open nonperishables for consumption. Every Herdon, VA homeowner should prepare and emergency electricity kit to prepare in case of an outage.
Basic supplies and tools emergency kit winter power outage that are prepared in advance so as to be used in emergency cannot. OUTAGE RESPONSE: HOW WE RESTORE POWERRestoring power during an outage takes much more than just flipping a switch or repairing one downed line. I keep a bag of trail mix in our kit but as I mentioned above, if I know a storm is coming, I usually stock up on food and snacks and keep those on hand during power outages.

Although we can't tell you how long repairs will take, you can rest assured that during outages our line crews are working to restore power for all customers as quickly as possible. Backup batteries: Check your flashlights to find out what size of battery each takes, and include enough backup batteries to power each one.
For more tips on how to prepare for a power outage or put together an emergency electricity kit, call AAA HVAC Services. From earthquakes and floods to something as simple as a power outage, if there is an emergency it pays to have an emergency kit ready. Every outage is unique, and it's not always possible to accurately predict how long repairs will take.
Unfortunately, power outages caused by storms may take a while to repair, unlike power outages caused by a repair need that AAA HVAC Services can fix quickly.
In the event that the power goes out, I’ll just pop in a few Duracell batteries and I can still get alerts during the outage.
I chose this game because it includes Glow in-the-Dark Fireflies – perfect for an electrical outage!

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