Take a look below to see if there’s anything you feel would be an asset to your winter emergency stockpile as well. While having a gas heater is certainly a benefit, you definitely don’t need one to stay warm in case of a winter emergency scenario. You’ll likely want some way of seeing in the dark if the power goes out in the middle of the winter.
Going through last year’s winter emergency with our pet cat opened our eyes to how vital it was to have some extra supplies lying around that are specifically geared to helping your pet survive.
When I moved to rural Maine to build my own home, one of the first things I heard from friends was how they had done without power for nine days the previous winter. Growing up in the northern states ofNew EnglandI had my fair share of winter power outages as a child. In October of 2011 an early snowstorm traveled up the East Coast of theUnited Statesand caused over 2 million people to loose power. If you’re more likely to have your power knocked out by a snowstorm or heavy winds than flooding or tornadoes, you can just pack a couple of snacks in your kit, and just ensure that your cupboards or pantry are well stocked with shelf-stable items that are really easy to prepare. In 1989 I saw the effect that Hurricane Hugo had as it knocked out power in theCharlotte,NCarea. Burning candles obviously exposes the environment to open flame and it only takes a moment to ignite the wrong thing and the power outage now becomes much more serious. Having an inverter provides the ability to operate a variety of devices such as box fans, electric lights, small power tools, and other electronic devices such as radios and computers.
Even small generators often can power a refrigerator along with a few other things at the same time. With climate change wreaking havoc on the planet, superstorms, floods, tornadoes, and droughts are becoming more frequent, and it’s not uncommon for people to be without power for a few days. In the event that you find yourself waiting out a storm or even during power outages, coloring books with crayons and markers are perfect to have around to keep the kids entertained!
Many flashlights today utilize LED bulbs which are extremely durable, super bright, and use very little power. LED lanterns are more expensive however they provide much more light and sip power out of batteries. Homeowners should use March 8, the day they turn the clocks ahead for Daylight Saving Time, as a reminder to prepare an emergency kit for power outages based on advice from the International Association of Fire Chefs. Homeowners should use March 8, the day they turn the clocks ahead for Daylight Saving Time, as a reminder to prepare an emergency kit for power outages based on advice from the International Association of Fire Chefs.
The idea behind the kits is to keep families safe and in communication during power outages and give them an alternative to the dangerous practice of using lit candles. Remember to Have Fun – Try to make the most out of your time if you are stuck inside during a power outage or storm.
I keep a bag of trail mix in our kit but as I mentioned above, if I know a storm is coming, I usually stock up on food and snacks and keep those on hand during power outages.

This was a rare storm for us, so many weren’t prepared and were without power for days! I use them for our flashlights, weather radio, tap lights, and games for the kids during electrical outages. Although we can't tell you how long repairs will take, you can rest assured that during outages our line crews are working to restore power for all customers as quickly as possible. Individual actions or usage of the information use of the radio power outage supplies list a lot the fields of medical science , physics. 0 0 PRINT Use this content The Ipswich line was affected by a power outage at the two major Brisbane stops. Last December, Thomas and I had the misfortune of living through 5 nights and 4 days with no electricity in sub-zero degree Canadian weather, as the Toronto power grid went down and emergency vehicles were having trouble getting the electrical lines back up. Hypothermia is no joke, and while there are many different ways you can insulate your body that don’t require gas heating, few even come close to keeping you as warm as the emergency supplies on this part of the list. If your stove is electric like ours, you might want to add one or two of the cooking devices below to your stock of winter emergency supplies. Adding many of the following items to your stockpile should help you keep plenty warm regardless of whether or not you have a gas heater, or in case you happen to run out of fuel before the emergency situation ends. Laminated or otherwise waterproof list of emergency numbers, kept with about 20 dollars cash, and some change. After some prolonged power outages, house fires have occurred because the outage began while cooking was in progress. Other than reporting the power outage and waiting for it to come back on, there’s not a lot you can do to ameliorate the situation.
The power would flicker, go out and my parents would get a flashlight, a few candles and build a roaring fire in the fire place.
Before purchasing read up on what your power requirements are and make sure you have plenty of fuel stored away.
Curl up by the fire with that book you packed, talk to other people whose power has gone out; maybe share a meal with them.
I chose this game because it includes Glow in-the-Dark Fireflies – perfect for an electrical outage!
You may not be able to leave your house due to ice on the road, downed power lines, or other damage. In the event that the power goes out, I’ll just pop in a few Duracell batteries and I can still get alerts during the outage. The Ipswich line, along with most other inbound and outbound lines, was affected by a power outage at the two major Brisbane stops. Most of them were in Brisbane, the Lockyer Valley and Logan, but the outages were spread from the southern Gold Coast to the Sunshine Coast. However unlikely, we could be stuck in yet another ice storm, maybe one that knocks out the power grid for even longer this time.

Last year, one of our readers recommended an excellent portable propane heater, and if we didn’t already have a propane heater, you sure as hell better believe it’d be the first thing on our to-buy list! Lighting and illumination products typically last a long time and are relatively inexpensive anyway, so it doesn’t hurt to have them in case of an emergency like this.
Keeping a wind up or AA-battery radio will also help you keep up-to-date on what’s happening in your city, so you can have a good idea of how long the emergency will last and how likely it is to continue past the estimated resolution date. You might also want to feed your pet a bit extra in case the power goes out in the winter, as producing heat requires more calories to be burned. But the convenience of being able to continue on with an ordinary daily life in a power outage [handicapped only by having to choose which circuits would be the most beneficial… wifi even works!] was obvious the first time the power went down for more than a few hours. Keeping the children entertained during a storm or power outage can be a challenge if there isn’t a plan.
The goal is to have a single location to find supplies to react in response to a power failure. I had been looking for a list to help my family in NY prepare for this storm, but found all of them lacking.
OUTAGE RESPONSE: HOW WE RESTORE POWERRestoring power during an outage takes much more than just flipping a switch or repairing one downed line. In flood-prone areas, be sure to pack a bucket instead of a bag, and store all your supplies as high as possible; in tornado- and hurricane-prone areas, store your stuff in the basement, or wherever you go to take shelter. HERE'S WHAT TO DOIf there are no numbers in your meter's display your power is out and you should call us at (503) 397-1844 to report your outage.
The inverter can also be used to power your refrigerator too if directly connected to the car battery while idling.
Kids love using flashlights, so give them a flashlight and allow them to read during a storm or outage. Every outage is unique, and it's not always possible to accurately predict how long repairs will take. Be sure that all stove burners have been turned (it’s best to unplug the stove when the power fails. Our cordless phone went completely dead in the outage and I couldn’t find the corded phone. The food you should pack for a potential 3 days without of power should be as nutrient-dense and easy to eat (or prepare) as possible. Basic supplies and tools emergency kit winter power outage that are prepared in advance so as to be used in emergency cannot.

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