That may be a simplification, because the various plans being discussed include a public-private partnership and switching to natural gas as a fuel.
Once again, Puerto Rico’s government and even its highly paid advisers are putting a band aid over a gaping wound and missing the fundamental causes of the problems at PREPA.
To solve the problem of high energy costs, you must address the way energy is created — then how it is distributed and maintained. Bondholders in Puerto Rico are offering US$3.5 billion in additional financing to update the utility. Frank Worley-LopezWorley-Lopez is one of the two founders of the original Libertarian Party of Puerto Rico and its first state chairman. Pero no fue hasta 1996 que el gobierno federal dice que dio por terminada la limpieza de la planta luego de remover y enviar al laboratorio atómico de Oak Ridge en Tennessee todos los tanques soterrados y el resto del material posiblemente radioactivo.

I have long been an advocate for nuclear power in Puerto Rico as a long-term and stable solution to the energy-creation issue.
He is the author of Toy Farm Lemonade and a former radio and TV host and Puerto Rican Senate aide.
And now there is a new alternative that can further reduce those negatives and leave no reasonable opposition to going nuclear. The thorium reactor is passive in its operation, meaning fewer people will have to work at the plant to keep it operational, and the plant itself can operate for 100 years. But it was only possible by utilizing a more dense energy form like coal and oil to start the industrial revolution. Nuclear power and later fusion power is a natural progression that will enable us to inhabit our galaxy.

Our planet earth has a finite life and if humans want to survive into the very distant future we need to be able to inhabit space and other planets. So I consider any investment in so called renewables as a sad step back into the stone age of energy generation. All the technology and scientific advancements we have today would have been not possible without  mastering to use coal and oil; a future for human kind will not be possible without mastering nuclear fission and fusion.

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