The Great Lakes are in North America, straddling the border of both the United States and Canada.
Lake Superior is bordered by the states of Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, and the province of Ontario. Lake Michigan is the only lake that is fully contained within the United States, bordered by Wisconsin, Michigan, Illinois, and Indiana. Lake Erie is bordered by the states of Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania and New York and the province of Ontario.

State consultation and evaluation for the Diabetes Leadership Initiative, a multi-state project aimed at preventing and controlling diabetes complications through awareness and health systems change interventions. If you stood on the moon, you could see the lakes and recognize the familiar wolf head shape of Lake Superior, or the mitten bounded by lakes Michigan, Huron and Erie. Evaluation of the National Association of Chronic Disease Directors National and State Diabetes Prevention Projects focused on expansion of the National Diabetes Prevention Program. Lawrence River is bordered by the state of New York and the provinces of Ontario and Québec.

Place priority on projects that advance community capacity to improve health status and to achieve equity in health status among vulnerable populations. Create opportunities to access physical and social environments that make positive health practices the easiest choices.

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