Setting up a new ringtone on your Windows Phone 8 device, which can then be assigned to a particular contact, was addressed in our previous article on adding ringtones to Windows Phone 8.
Audio alerts and ringtones that ship with the phone can be used, as can those that are included with apps and some games. All you need to do is open your contact, begin editing a contact and tapping the +ringtone option to select a new audio alert. Before you start, make sure you have an idea of the audio alerts you want to use for you apps.
Check that the app will be displayed in the action center and decide whether or not you want a notification banner to appear when the app alert plays.
This will set the alert, and you can repeat the procedure for all other native and third party apps that are listed in the notifications+action center view. With your alerts now set up, you’ll be able to quickly identify the app that is alerting you to an update; perhaps you’ve been tagged in a Facebook photo, or Cortana has found some interesting information for you based on a previous search.
Viewing the notifications+action center screen will display the full list of apps that you can set audio alerts for.
If you’re using a particular background image for your Start screen tiles, it might be fun to select audio alerts to complement this. Although it is still some way from being rolled out to all compatible devices, Windows Phone 8.1 is showing that Microsoft does know how to give customization options to its mobile users. The ability to set custom audio alerts for contacts and apps is useful, and should you be so inclined it can be embraced as part of a more general customization of your phone’s look and feel. Windows Phone 8.1 brings a host of desirable updates and improvements to the platform – but waiting until June for the earliest chance of an upgrade is too long for some. Every so often — or frequently, depending on your tolerance level — you get an AMBER alert on your phone.
But, like a good many things, emergency alerts on Android can be a bit of a mess. We'll explain. There are three (or four, depending on how you're counting) types of emergency alerts you can receive on your Android. Presidential alerts— No, not asking for money, but rather an alert issued by the President of the United States or a designee. Imminent threat alerts — Weather, really, and this one may be broken down into "extreme threats" or "severe threats" to life and property.

Emergency alerts on Samsung phones are tucked away in the settings of Samsung's messaging app. Motorola's Moto X goes even further, allowing you to set the duration of the alert sound (from 2 seconds to 10 seconds, speak the alert out loud, and offer an option to opt out after receiving your first alert.
As long as your phone is connected to a cell tower and you have a recent version of any mobile OS, you'll receive them. Then I must be connected to the world's most powerful tower if I'm getting alerts from California. The big change with Windows Phone 8.1 is that you can now start to define the sounds and ringtones you want to use on messaging and specific accounts. This takes you through to the Notifications page where you can tap on individual email accounts, Messaging and even your Phone.
When it comes to choosing a ringtone, you can add any Nokia Lumia 630 sound file supported by Windows Phone 8,1.
As this is about setting up individual tones for each user you will have to do it on a contact-by-contact basis but it is a quick process.
This is the edit function and takes you through to a new screen allowing you to add a ringtone or text alert tone. We show you how to change the text alert tone on your iPhone, and how to set a specific tone for each contact. We show you how to change the text alert tone on your iPhone, and how to set a specific tone for each contact on your smartphone.
First the good news - it is both possible and, in fact, easy to change the tone that your iPhone emits when you receive an SMS text message. What you can't do without jailbreaking your iPhone is assign a song or a sound you recorded to be your text message alert. Since the release of the 8.1 Developer Preview, it is now possible to configure custom alerts for apps as well as contacts.
This means that when a notification is generated and displayed on your phone, you have control over the sound that plays alongside it, just as you would for contacts. Switching to a new alert is quick and can help you to easily spot when a key app alert needs immediate action. The Windows Phone Store, meanwhile, offers ringtones that can be installed in bulk, giving you a huge selection of audio options, and if you still can’t find what you want, you can make your own and import it from your PC into the Ringtones folder.

Among these is the ability to set tile backgrounds, enabling you to create a striking new look for your phone. That horrible blaring of the emergency alert tone, the buzzing of your phone's vibrating motor, and then the grim news.
I also haven't received a single alert on my phone since I first noticed it was implemented.
You can use any of the inbuilt sounds with your Nokia Lumia 630 running Windows Phone 8.1, or you can choose to add a ringtone from a music file of your own. Go to People and tap on the Contact you’d like an alert for and then tap on the pencil (right-hand icon) on the menu bar at the bottom of the screen. Tap on the alert you’d like to change and just like above, choose your ringtone from the list of options available. And its also a simple process to assign a specific tone to an individual contact - so if you want a text from your wife to sound different to one from your mistress you are in look (although you are on morally dubious ground. Here then we show you how to change the alert your iPhone makes when you get a text message, and then how to set a specific alert for individual text contacts. You can use this as a quick reference to discover where the audio alerts are enabled and disabled and make changes as necessary. AMBER alerts can appear to be a bit cryptic, giving you the location of the alert, a car license plate number and the make, model and color of the vehicle. The catch is that they may be in different places on different phones, with slightly different features.
To adjust your emergency and AMBER alert settings, either look in your phone's default messaging app, or in the mobile options section of your settings menu.
Tapping one will both select it and play it, so you can hear and choose your next SMS alert (and, in my case, really annoy your colleagues). Check out how to set Windows Phone 8.1 ringtones on your Nokia Lumia 630, as well as add custom alerts.

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