If an evacuation order has been given, that means the Emergency Agency responsible for your area has determined that it's not safe for humans. It is best to plan ahead to make arrangements to stay with friends or family outside an evacuation zone who will ccommodate your pet. Pet owners who only consult adoption agencies for lost pets could be wasting valuable time, energy, and emotion. If you ever have to use this kit, hopefully you'll be dealing with a temporary displacement and not a full on Apocalypse scenario. Pet First Aid kits are commercially available from places like the ASPCA, or you can assemble your own. Armed with these recommendations, I hope you feel better prepared to navigate an emergency with your pet safely.

The hydrogen peroxide actually has a valid use in this kit, maybe not so much for surgical uses, but 1cc per 10 pounds of pet (so read that as 3cc for a 30# animal) in a dosing syringe will induce vomiting.
Make certain to take your pet's crate or carrier and familiar items such as bedding or soft toys. Pinellas County animal services operations recommends that if you have to evacuate, pack up your pets and bring them with you. In an emergency that requires evacuation, driving a car is not likely an option and this kit takes up as much space as my camp pack.
County shelters, such as animal services, Humane Society or the SPCA cannot take pets for safekeeping. Only thing i would like to point out is that if someone to follow this for a dog kit 1 important piece is missing.

They are normally full with abandoned pets and may need to reserve space for pets found after the hurricane passes. Make sure you have a list of your veterinarian's contact information, any additional pet identification information, such as your pet's full description that includes a picture of your pet. Scroll down the page to Pet Shelters where you will also find other helpful information or you may call (727) 582-2150.

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