Florida emergency shelters where you can stay with your pet if you must evacuate from your home during hurricanes, wildfires or other disasters. Pet Friendly shelters are listed by County, if the county has a website a link is provided. Pet Friendly shelters are designated when needed - when an event arises call 352-264-6500 to see if a shelter will be opened. In past years the county opended a Pet friendly shelter at Port Charlotte Middle School, 23000 Midway Blvd. Eemergency management department, along with Collier Domestic Animal Services, operates a shelter for the pets of special needs patients and has transportation for the people and animals in the program.
Astatula Elementary School, 13925 Florida Ave., Astatula Leesburg Elementary School, 2229 South Street, Leesburg. For Category 1 and 2 hurricanes there will be Pet Friendly Shelters open throughout Monroe County. There may room at some motels or hotels that will allow pets in addition to the ones listed above.
A pet-friendly shelter is available for residents who wish to shelter with their cat or dog at Avalon Middle School, 5445 King Arthurs Way in Milton (map).
Print and Bring a Pet Friendly Evacuation Shelter Use Agreement with you to the pet friendly shelter.
PASART and its County Animal Response Teams will open companion animal shelters in the Philadelphia area counties where evacuations are necessary. Animal evacuation shelter is 409 Breakwater Road, Tomwar Building in the Cape May County Airport Complex. Libby Williams, who runs Pet Watch NJ, and has tracked consumer complaints for more than a decade, says Pets Plus stores have a history of selling sick and genetically defective puppies that came from mills in Pennsylvania and elsewhere. Long Lots School, 13 Hyde Lane, Westport - Crates are required, bring enough pet food for three days, necessary pet medications and a leash. Groton, Fitch High School, Pets are welcome and residents are reminded to bring pet food, and other necessities. Essex County Codey Arena, 560 Northfield Avenue in West Orange -accommodations are available for pets.
Pennsylvania State Animal Response Team (PASART) maintains a list of pet-friendly shelters on their website. Norristown, Pottstown and Cheltenham area high schools are pet-friendly shelters administered by the Red Cross.

The list of open shelters will be listed by county on PASART and will be updated as needed. Shelter can accommodate pets in a segregated room, pet owners are encouraged to make alternative arrangements, as only service animals will be allowed in the human shelter area. Pets are kenneled in a separate area of the shelter and monitored by animal control personnel. Officials with the ARL said people being evacuated who can't bring their pets along can call the league at 610-373-8830 to make arrangements to get the pets picked up.
Additionally, animal sheltering trailers will be set up at two other locations in the county. Pet owners will be provided shelter at Oscar Smith High School and owners will be allowed to return to the Pet Shelter to walk and visit their pets as weather conditions permit.
Emergency management department, along with Collier Domestic Animal Services, operates a shelter for the pets of special needs patients and has transportation for the people and animals in the program.
The Southampton Animal Shelter has said that it will accept animal in an emergency situation and urges residents to make other arrangements for their pets.
The dogs will come from the Pennsylvania SPCA and from shelters in Kentucky, Mississippi and North Carolina - the Bowling Green-Warren County Humane Society, Animal Aid, Hub City Humane Society and the Humane Society of Raleigh County.
Hamden High School - The shelter will accept pets only on if owners provide proof of current vaccinations and license, food, medications, carry case for small pets. Smyrna Middle School, located on Duck Creek Parkway next to Smyrna High School, is pet friendly. Newbury Elementary School Sunday is partnering with Newburyport animal shelter to shelter pets. Lee District RECenter, 6601 Telegraph Road -Animal Control will have a mobile van to shelter cats and dogs.
Activities will include adoptable animals, a vaccination clinic for pets (2 - 4 pm), and a 20% discount off anything in the store for adopters.
Silver Spring - the shelter will be capable of housing dogs, cats, and small animals such as guinea pigs and rabbits.
Residents who are planning evacuation to a shelter and need to place their pet need to indicate they are pet owners when they contact their local Office of Emergency Management. As is often the case, areas that have not experienced a recent disaster are not prepared to accept animals into shelters.
Sarah Eremus Caruso, spokeswoman for the PSPCA,  said Pets Plus will be doing background checks, references and landlord checkso n potential adopters.

Carrigan School on Tetlow Street - animal friendly, but must bring food , a leash, medications and a cage or travel kennel.
West Deptford High School on Crown Point Road in West Deptford Township -will have a room for pets. Here is another Examiner article, Hurricane Sandy updates - Local emergency pet shelters, listing numerous shelters accommodating animals. Information on local dog events, fundraisers, services, dog friendly retailers, product reviews, contests and prizes! Pets will be secured in a safe room at the shelter, but are not allowed to remain with their owners. Lately the group has turned its attention to cutting off demand by convincing municipalities, and now individual pet stores across the country, to stop selling puppies produced in commercial breeding facilities. Pets Plus joins more than 2,200 other pet stores around the country that have signed the Puppy Friendly Pet Stores pledge of The Humane Society of the United States.
Brentwood Rec Center, located at 99 Third Avenue in Brentwood - animals allowed in the shelters are dogs, cats and birds.
If you are in Florida, Shore Dreams Vacation Rentals is offering 50% off low rates for pet friendly renters from Hurricane Sandy in the Florida Panhandle. Some may require registration or may ask you for certain certificate of immunization, please contact the shelter for more details. Pet owners must stay at the shelter and will be responsible for caring for their pet and bringing a pet disaster kit. As of Tuesday more pet-friendly shelters were opened to accommodate the every growing number of people with animals who have had to leave their homes to seek shelter after Hurricane Sandy's destruction. Suffolk County Community College's Eastern Campus, Woodlands Building, located at 121 Speonk-Riverhead Road, in Riverside - animals allowed in the shelters are dogs, cats and birds.
Residents using the pet-friendly shelter during a disaster will also need to bring supplies for their family. Long Lots Elementary School on Hyde - pet friendly, bring your own crate and your own pet food.

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