ENERFOOD SUPERFOOD GREEN DRINKEnerfood, our award winning greens product Enerfood was a must for the pail, since it 100% Organic and contains powerful nutrition for better health, energy and immune system support. Slender Crunch Ingredients are all natural and organic, including raw coconut oil for healthy fats and low-glycemic raw coconut sugar, which provides an appetizing and healthy alternative for achieving an ideal body weight.
When taken as directed, eating the all-natural potato extract found in the delicious, anti-aging, organic Slender Crunch cookie can result in significant weight loss and reductions in waist and hip measurements.

Miso is a great buttery and salty stock alternative that is rich in Vitamin B12 and minerals.CAJUN SPICE MIXThis tasty little blend adds some zest to your stored foods. It has an optimal balance of Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids as well as being a superb source of vegetable based protein.

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