Premier Knowledge Solutions offers a complete variety of courses via our computer training online option. 2000 classes that cover a broad range of topics from Microsoft Office usability classes to advanced IT skills and professional courses. Courses, Team Building Courses, Sales Courses, Federal Government Courses, and a variety of Business Certification Courses. For a limited time, receive a free Apple iPad with a purchase of a 2 or 3 year online IT training library. CBT Planet offers computer based training (CBT) videos in high definition and in DVD format. CBT Planet offers an extensive collection of web based training (WBT) courses for the finest in self-study solutions.
IT professionals and learning managers alike can count on CBT Planet for computer based training and CBT training courses.
CBT Planet provides unlimited online training libraries for either IT, Certification, and Desktop titles. CBT Planet delivers comprehensive IT training courses directly to employees by using a variety of learning formats. Take your information technology career to new heights with CBT Planet's course offerings such as IT and computer security training. CBT Planet offers a large selection of IT certification training courses covering the latest technologies and certifications.
If you do not want to send your team out of the office for computer training, consider on-site computer training classes from CBT Planet. Online Training is the latest method in training and development.We believe that live training is still essential, however online training offers a flexible and cost effective way to gain skills. CBT Planet's self-study web-based online training courses offer trainees and training department managers alike a convenient means of delivering the latest computer and career training.
If you've been considering subscribing to an online training program or taking individual classes over the next few years, now is the perfect time to make your move.
With an extensive catalog and multiple learning formats, CBT Planet offers everything from computer repair training such as the CompTIA A+ certification course to Cisco routing and switching classes – and everything in between. Whether you're looking for training for the entry-level A+ certification program to advanced certification training for Microsoft, Cisco, Oracle, and other leading vendors, you can count on CBT Planet for expert instruction and user-friendly delivery methods. CBT Planet shows you how by exploring the MCSA Windows Server 2012 certification exam process.
The path toward earning a MCSA SQL 2012 certification begins with training for your certification exams.

For individuals, career online training allows for flexible, affordable classes that can be taken virtually anywhere at any time. CBT Planet offers a large selection of online computer training courses covering information technology, security, and popular IT certification programs.
Computer based learning (CBL) grants trainees access to content written by the best authors and subject matter experts in the business while also allowing for asynchronous learning. Simply sign up for an e-learning course and access the online computer training videos from any Internet-connected computer.
Offering everything from live classes and boot camps to online training videos, computer based training disc, and study guides, our blended approach ensures that trainees can learn the material according to individual learning and scheduling needs. Self-study computer courses mimic the classes, yet deliver the content according to each trainee's unique learning and scheduling needs.
Whether you want to get certified or simply gain the skills needed to work with Microsoft Windows Servers and Windows 7 Administration, CBT Planet has instructor-led courses to match.
Individuals and corporate training departments alike benefit from the convenience of IT Certification Library. CBT Planet offers several classroom learning opportunities including computer training courses held at technical training centers, onsite classes held at private locations, and IT certification training boot camps held at one of CBT Planet's technical training schools located in Atlanta, Georgia or Sarasota, Florida. We can even create custom outlines covering your unique internal computer software and hardware needs.
Corporate online IT training allows training managers to quickly identify strengths and weaknesses and then assign relevant training covering everything from soft skills to computer training.
CBT Planet offers everything from desktop applications training and professional and career development training to IT certification training and Microsoft Windows 7 training online. Not only can you acquire new skills through the comprehensive online training program, you'll also get a free Apple iPad. Each IT certification training bootcamp classes deliver the IT and certification skills you need in order to pass your certification exams. We offer a comprehensive computer training course catalog from IT and IT certification topics to computer applications and soft skills for the ultimate in self-directed studies. From SaaS (Software as a Service) to complete e-learning solutions, if you want a better way to learn new IT topics (including IT certifications), computer applications, or business soft skills, this is it. Many of our courses combine learning methods as well, adding versatility and engagement to the learning. Certified instructors conduct the classes by appearing in video lessons that can be watched on DVD, CD, or online. Our training advisors can help you select the best IT training method for your learning needs from live classes and boot camps to study guides, DVDs, and online IT computer training.

You can also choose live computer certification training courses such as boot camps and onsite classes. Classroom learning courses are available covering everything from business soft skills, desktop training, IT topics, and IT certification topics. With a certified instructor, custom content, and your own private course, our onsite computer training courses are far better than attending a computer based training school. Because CBT Planet's corporate online training programs are self-study courses, trainees can take as much, or as little, time as necessary for each topic.
Prepare for a new career, get certified as an IT specialist in any number of technical disciplines, or learn Microsoft Office without having to sit in a traditional classroom by choosing an online self-study class.
Not only can you prepare for your certification in an intensive learning environment, our boot camp students have a 95% pass rate. CBT Planet's catalog is loaded with a diverse selection of computer desktop training (such as Microsoft Office or QuickBooks), IT topics and certification courses, and business soft skills training. CBT Planet's certified instructors are highly qualified professionals with years of real world experience.
Whether you need to earn a prestigious IT certification or want to master the latest emerging technology, consider attending a live MCSE boot camp class from CBT Planet. With comprehensive coverage of the course topic, a certified instructor leading the class, detailed videos, and the ability to learn at your own pace, enrolling in self-study corporate online training courses from CBT Planet is one of the best, and most flexible, training options available. Whether you need a single course for professional development or an entire learning library for the enterprise, CBT Planet offers flexible, affordable computer training solutions. Each course, whether it's a CCNA or MCITP certification, features an instructor who has worked extensively with the underlying technologies. Trainees can also go back and review sections of the online computer training that they may not have completely understood the first time, reinforcing the information and helping trainees learn. When training a group, these online corporate training courses deliver consistency no matter when each trainee participates. CBT Planet's IT certification training courses equip you with knowledge, skills, and real world techniques.

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