The nuclear crisis in Japan has revived fears over the safety of nuclear power and the potential danger posed to public health when things go wrong.There have been a number of serious nuclear incidents since the 1950s. Mayak or Kyshtym nuclear complex (Soviet Union): 29 September 1957A fault in the cooling system at the nuclear complex, near Chelyabinsk, results in a chemical explosion and the release of an estimated 70 to 80 tonnes of radioactive materials into the air. Workers break safety regulations by mixing dangerously large amounts of treated uranium in metal buckets, setting off a nuclear reaction (INES Level 4). George Osborne is to set out government spending plans up to 2020 later, which will include billions of pounds in cuts but also new money for housebuilding.
Since the dawn of nuclear weapons, we have always been weary of a trigger happy world leader hastily pushing a nuke detonator. Each day we are exposed to nuclear radiation, some naturally and some through un-natural means.
Those that live near nuclear power plants should be especially concerned with nuclear disaster preparedness; especially individuals who live in areas where natural disasters (hurricanes, earthquakes and tornadoes) could damage the nuclear facilities.
No matter where radiation leaks or disasters occur, they will affect us globally one way or another and we should be ready for them. If you are told to evacuate or bug in place due to nuclear attack or nuclear leak disaster, keep in mind that this type of disaster is survivable. A nuclear shelter that has an entrance designed to reduce fallout exposure.  ( I must ask my Landlord to get the local builder to install one in my flat.

I will say here it does not matter what you prep with it will proberly get stolen by zombies who did not prep, so you will need multiple prep locations – this is standard survival procedures which is not listed here. However, according to history the two worst nuclear events that have occurred were accidental. Due to the Fukushima nuclear disaster, our food supplies, water sources, and even our health have become affected from the radiation dispersed.
Clearly if the plant has taken in the radiation through the roots, it is irrevocably tainted. Planting these in your yard will be a great way to know if you are taking in excess radiation.
Seal the entryway with blankets, bubble wrap or plastic sheeting to prevent the dust from coming in. Have water and baby shampoo near the entrance to wash and thoroughly rinse any exposed skin and hair. If you do have to go out in the rain, completely cover yourself. Experts are suggesting that if your clothes get wet to take them off and seal them in a plastic bag, immediately shower and change clothing. Everyone should begin taking Potassium Iodide (KI) or Potassium Iodate (KIO3) tablets for thyroid protection against cancer causing radioactive iodine, a major product of nuclear weapons explosions.
You should also have near your shelter fire extinguishers and additional tools, building supplies, sheet plastic, staple guns, etc. However, in order to be ready for these types of disasters means you have to believe that the possibility of a threat is there.

The well-rounded, multi-layered approach outlined in the Blueprint helps you make sense of a wide array of preparedness concepts through easily digestible action items and supply lists. Radiation tests conducted since the nuclear disaster in Japan have detected radioactive iodine and cesium in milk, beef and vegetables produced in California (Source). This video is a great source that explains how radiation gets into our food supply. The second largest nuclear event is the infamous Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster that occurred in 2011. Having all of your items prepared and in place before the disaster will keep your family or group safe and ready to bunker in more quickly.
If at all possible, inquire of your doctor NOW if there is any reason why anybody in your household should not use KI or KIO3 tablets, or iodine solutions on their skin, in a future nuclear emergency, just to be sure. Some experts predict thousands of extra cancer deaths as a result of the disaster.A huge cover, known as the New Safe Confinement, is being built over the existing sarcophagus.

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