FALLOUT SHELTER EXERCISE On a weekend evening you have invited eight friends to your home to talk with a teacher whom you know personally. NUCLEAR FALLOUT SHELTER EXERCISE You are trapped in a fallout shelter with the members of your Ethics in Management group.
The federal Homeland Security Council is urging state and local governments to prepare in the event of a nuclear detonation in a major city.
The shelters, including hundreds in the San Fernando Valley, include the basements and similarly protected areas in places such as hospitals, government buildings, courthouses, post offices, churches, movie studios, parking garages and tunnels. The city of West Berlin eventually built 23 nuclear bunkers, employing hundreds of scientists and researchers to design and construct these facilities. In the event of nuclear war, massive steel gates would close off the tunnel entrances as well as the pedestrian entryways to the station.
21 to provide information on what to expect and what actions they should take after a nuclear incident.
The designers learned from the German experience in World War II, when pregnant women subjected to conditions in the bomb shelters often went into premature labor. Upon entering the fallout shelter, each person would be issued a bright yellow polyester tracksuit. Fears of nuclear destruction have their roots in the Cold War, when governments and residents built bomb and fallout shelters to protect occupants from radioactive debris.
Experts are also concerned about nuclear threats posed by Iran and North Korea and, to a lesser extent, China and Russia.

Anyone who grew up during the Cold War can recall the strangely placid, everyday terror that came along with the constant threat of global nuclear annihilation. Today, at the Pankstrasse stop on the U-8 subway line in Berlin, you can venture into a fallout shelter that was built for about 3,000 people. The walls of the shelter are painted a light pastel green—this color was specifically chosen by psychologists for its calming, stress-reducing qualities. Interest in such civil defense activities was renewed in recent years amid fears that a terrorist group or rogue nation like Iran or North Korea might gain access to nuclear weapons. The basements of the San Diego Public Library and several other city buildings were stocked with emergency rations and medicine.In Lakeside, construction began on a federally funded shelter below Lakeside Farms Elementary School that would hold more than 400 students and their teachers. Experts are especially concerned about the possibility that Iran one day could launch ship-based nuclear missiles, said Brian Kennedy, president of The Claremont Institute's Ballistic Missile Defense Project. This home-built shelter in Akron, Ohio, cost $1,000 and featured a 10-inch reinforced concrete roof under a thick blanket of earth. Department of Homeland Security, said the Federal Emergency Management Agency is studying how to incorporate a nuclear detonation scenario into a citizen preparedness campaign.
Kennedy is also concerned a ship-launched nuclear missile detonated at a high altitude would create an electromagnetic pulse, possibly destroying electronic equipment and knocking out the nation's power grid - leaving the country with little or no communications and no ability to provide food and water to potentially hundreds of millions of people. Paradoxically, these shelters only provided enough space to house less than one percent of the population.
The small shelters could be built for as little as $400.The city and county of San Diego authorized more than 200 building permits for home shelters from midsummer to late fall.

The shelter itself comprises the U-Bahn platform, which would be converted into a vast dormitory, and a maze of tunnels located behind metal panels in the walls, containing bathrooms, a kitchen, storage areas, and a diesel-powered electric generator. The $4,550 loan was for a reinforced concrete shelter, 24 feet wide and 14 feet long, to be built in the front yard and covered with 3 feet of soil below a patio.Fallout shelters also began appearing at home shows and county fairs.
The Pankstrasse nuclear shelter was built in 1977, and these uniforms of the apocalypse look divinely futuristic. This would not be the end of the world—humanity could survive a nuclear terror attack or two, devastating as these might be.
The citizens of West Berlin understood that they were expendable: if the Soviets were to invade, the NATO plan was a strategic withdrawal, followed by the deployment of 23 tactical nuclear warheads. Urey, the Nobel laureate from UCSD and one of the developers of the atomic bomb, questioned the value of home shelters in November 1961. Fear of a nuclear attack from the USSR prompted a civil defense awakening in the United States.

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