Lastly, I think you may sell it too, but my partner is keen to use nascent atomic iodine while in Japan. We agree, and it should be noticed that even well-done reporting on the iodine protection issue doesn’t go far enough to report on more deadly isotopes of uranium, cesium, and plutonium that are making their way into the Pacific Ocean biosphere.
Other things we can do to protect our bodies are to consume zeolites and use potassium iodine.
Lugol’s Iodine Solution (5%) is one of several iodine sources available, but it is the most reliable and affordable form we know of. Most iodine supplements used in medicine for the past century and a half are from Lugol’s Iodine Solution, usually 5 percent. After your group has figured out iodine, food supplements, and adaptive herbals, study the better air filters and water filtration methods available to you.
The cheapest and easiest thing to do for most of us now is to protect our thyroid and adrenal glands by aggressively supplementing iodine, and protecting our food and water from airborne particles.

NaturoDoc offers one-ounce bottles of Lugol’s Iodine, which is taken internally in water.
Potassium Iodide only protects the thyroid against radiation damage, not the rest of the body. If there is any protection to the thyroid, it is likely only helpful for animals (or people) with rapidly growing tissue.  This would include pregnant or very young individuals.
I just had a comment added to the blog that said that beta glucan is a great protection against radiation exposure.
Beta glucan has been proven effective in protecting the body from the effects of radiation exposure.
If taken or administered in the recommended dose, Potassium Iodide is perfectly safe, except for people or pets with certain very rare conditions. I am a little diturbed at the fact that the spinach and other crops that there having problems with have radioactive Iodine.

In fact, it is recommended by FEMA and many other agencies in the event of a nuclear event. FEMA recommends that you have Potassium Iodide in you emergency preparedness Kit in the appropriate amount to cover your family and pets.
Since the most beneficial protection of Potassium Iodide is provide when you take or administer it PRIOR to radioactive exposure, you might want to have it on hand as FEMA recommends.
The last report I read indicated that Potassium Iodide was generally safe for pets, as long as they didn’t get an overdose.

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